506th Crest

This list contains the names of brave men who served and fought for their country and others in foreign lands.
In training, in service or in combat each is a Currahee.
"From this day to the ending of the World, ...we in it shall be remembered...
we band of brothers
" Henry V William Shakespear.

Voris L. Abshire D/HHC 2/506th VN 3/7/2013
Lewis A. Acampora 3/506th VN 11/3/2001
Capt. Robert Acklen B & C 3/506th VN 12/31/1998
David Oscar Adams A & E 1/506th VN 7/28/2009
LTC Ray R. Aebischer F 506th PIR WWII 11/9/2003
Gerald W. Ake B 2/506th VN 2/19/2008
SFC(R) Gary Dale Alberhasky A 3/506th VN 9/23/2011
Earl M. Albritton HQ 2/506th PIR WWII 8/30/2001
Theodore G. Allen (Schnoor) C Co. 3/506th VN 2/25/2012
James H. Alley Jr. E 506th PIR WWII 3/14/2008
Walter Amerman B 506th PIR WWII 12/1988
Fred Anderson 3/506th PIR WWII
Melvin P. Andrews HQ 3/506th PIR WWII 11/21/2000
Michel "Butch" Arcelus D 1st Airborne Battle Group 1/20/2002
Everett Armento Regt HQ 506th PIR WWII
Donald J. Arminio H 506th PIR WWII 5/1977
Sam Arnold D 1st Airborne Battle Group 9/1/2002
Robert E. Atkinson Recondo Instructor, 506
Frank Bacchilega B 2/506th VN 3/30/2006
Merle K. Bair, Jr HQ (Medic) 1st Airborne Battle Group 11/24/2008
William M. Baird Medic F 506th PIR WWII 1958
Leonard D. Baker G 506th PIR WWII 4/20/1994
Peter Baranowski HQ 2/506th PIR WWII
Don Barlowe A 506th PIR WWII 4/27/2008
Claude E. Barron HQ 2Bn 506th PIR WWII 6/19/2006
Roger S. Barron C 1st ABG 6/6/2008
Raymon Owen Bascom A 506th PIR WWII 12/23/2010
Dean H. Baxter H 506th PIR WWII 2/28/2005
Wayne R. Beardsley 2/506th PIR WWII 1948
John C. Beaty C/HHC 3/506th VN 5/24/2010
MAJ(R) Allan R. Becker C 1/506th VN FC 5/17/2009
Herbert Bedell, Jr. (Chip) HHC 3/506th VN 5/2/2013
Brian A. Beers E 1/506th VN FC 2/11/1998
Richard W. Belding A 1st ABG 4/17/2005
James V. Benton E 506th PIR WWII 12/26/2007
Jack Bentz 506th PIR WWII 7/29/2007
Timothy J. Berchou HHC 1/506th 2003-2005 5/30/2012
Frank A. Betzler 3/506th VN 12/26/1997
Joseph Beyrle I 506th PIR WWII 12/12/2004
Carlton Blankenship A 506th PIR WWII 2/11/2007
Douwe Rex Bleeker C 2/506th VN 12/12/2008
MSG Albert Blithe E 506th PIR WWII 12/17/1967
Alex Bobuck HQ 3/506th PIR WWII 1961
Jay Boggs B 506th PIR WWII
John Norman Boitano B 506th PIR WWII 12/17/12
Francis Randolph Boles 506th PIR WWII 1987
Michael L. Boles B 2/506th VN 3/6/2005
Robert H. Bowman D 1/506th VN 5/6/2004
Henry A. Boyd A 506th PIR WWII 8/20/1997
Gerald T. Boyle A 3/506th VN 1/7/2003
SSgt. Leo D. Boyle E 506th PIR WWII 12/1997
Gary "Shag" Breidenbach B 2/506th VN 7/13/1973
Roy L. Breternitz C 1/506th VN 1/10/2012
Donald W. Brininstool A 506th PIR WWII 3/22/2009
SSGT Lee Brooks C 1/506th Iraq 3/20/2008
Maj. Gene L. Brown Regt. HQ 506th PIR WWII 3/18/1999
Harry E. Brown, Jr. B 2/506th VN 1/15/2012
George Bross SVC 506th PIR WWII 10/8/1998
William Lynn Bruce C 1/506th 75-76 8/28/2010
Robert C. Brussat D 506th PIR WWII 3/22/2002
Pfc. Charley C. Bryant (CSM Ret) HQ 2/506th PIR WWII 1/21/1987
SPC James Kurtis Bullen A 1/506th Afghanistan 4/11/2009
SPC Brandon Buettner HHC 4th BSTB Afghanistan 7/4/2009
LTC(R) James Burris B 1st ABG 506th 11/13/2008
Louis F. Burton F 506th PIR WWII 7/4/1994
Dennis Wayne Byrd D 2/506th VN 4/27/2012
John A. Cadmus F 506th PIR WWII
Raymond E. Calandrella HQ 3/506th PIR WWII 7/8/2005
Sgt. Andrew "Pat" Campbell HQ 2/506th PIR WWII 1976
Arthur J. Cammer HQ 2/506th PIR WWII 12/1992
LTC(R) William Derwood Cann, Jr. G 506th PIR WWII 7/12/2010
CSM A. B. Cannon, Sr. (Ret) A 1st Airborne Battle Group 7/30/1996
Norman Capels G 506th PIR WWII 2/17/2001
Lt.Col William R. Carey 2/506th VN 4/16/2001
Philip Carney HQ 1/506th PIR WWII 6/24/2011
Capt. Clifford C. Carrier HQ SVC & I 506th PIR WWII 3/27/1977
Gordon F. Carson E 506th PIR WWII 11/13/1998
Otis F. Carter D 1st Airborne Battle Group 7/4/2002
George F. Cepek B 1/506th PIR WWII 11/22/2002
Robert M. Ceurvels C 506th PIR WWII 1/7/2007
Jay Chambless A 506th PIR WWII 8/23/2005
Wilfred J.A. "Squeak" Charette E 1st ABG 1957 5/9/2010
Thomas W. Chavez B 2/506th VN 7/11/2011
Bill Cheney HQ 1/506th PIR WWII 8/2005
Bill Chivvis I 506th PIR WWII 3/20/2002
Joseph A. Choo HQ 2/506th PIR WWII 1/23/2001
T/Sgt Burton P. Christenson E 506th PIR WWII 12/15/1999
Nels Christiansen I 506th PIR WWII
Jack Churchill E 506th PIR WWII 1988
Louis W. Cioni F & HQ 2/506th PIR WWII 4/12/2008
Maxwell Clark E 506th PIR WWII 3/14/2008
William D. Clemens F 506th PIR WWII 2/22/2002
James A. Clemente HQ 1/506th PIR WWII 12/10/2007
David R. Clark A 506th PIR WWII 1/23/2002
SGM(R) Wilbur C. Clouser C 506th PIR WWII 4/10/2012
William E. Coad HQ 506th PIR WWII 1999
William Coburn 2/506th VN 9/2006
Jack L. Coefield A 506th PIR WWII 5/29/2006
Larry Collins E 3/506th VN 5/23/2009
Peter Collins B 2/506th VN 11/24/1998
Rodger "Chip" Collins B 2/506th VN 4/9/2002
Stanley B. Clever, Sr. G 506th PIR WWII 4/26/2008
Lynn D. "Buck" Compton E Co.506th PIR WWII 2/25/2012
CSM(R) Victor Cote 506th 5/2007
Larry L. Cothron B 2/506th VN 10/1974
Maj Lloyd J. Cox HQ 2/506th PIR WWII 4/25/2000
SGM(R) Jeff Carol Crawford Mortar Battery, 1st ABG, 506th 6/30/2010
1st Sgt Virgil Craft C 3/506th VN 2006
Charles T. Craton, Jr C & H 506th PIR WWII 11/27/2008
Tom Cremeens E 3/506th VN 12/7/1990
Wayne Crofutt D 2/506th VN 2/6/2012
James D. Crook E (Recon) 1/506th VN 8/30/2007
George L. Cummings F 506th PIR WWII 4/4/2000
Clarence B. Curtis 3/506th VN 11/15/1998
Hugh T. Dailey A 1/506th VN 4/29/1996
Robert J. Daily B 2/506th VN 3/15/1995
Carl D. Dalke 506th PIR WWII 10/30/2011
Richard Davenport E 506th PIR WWII 6/18/1999
Frank L. Davis A 506th PIR WWII 6/3/2007
James P. DeBerry B 2/506th VN 10/27/1999
1st Sgt. Charles Dechira HHC 1/506th VN 5/1/1998
Troy H. Decker HQ 506th PIR WWII 7/19/2007
Roy L. Denham E (Recon) 3/506th VN 9/21/2007
Frank J. DeWitt HQ 1/506th PIR WWII 11/2010
Harry Dingman, Jr I 506th PIR WWII 6/17/2002
Mario J. (Hank) DiCarlo H 506th PIR WWII 9/30/2010
Michael J. Dietrich A 1/506th, E (Recon) 2/506 VN 12/18/2012
Arthur DiMarzio D 506th PIR WWII 11/10/2000
Melvin L. Divelbiss HQ 2/506th PIR WWII 12/20/2003
Don M. Dobbins, Sr. 506th PIR WWII 1993
Charles Donahue A 506th PIR WWII 4/24/2007
SSgt. John S. "Jack" Dolby HQ 1/506th PIR WWII 4/25/1996
Louis V. Dufresne D 506th PIR WWII 8/28/2000
Thomas R. Dugan, Jr. B 2/506th Ft. Campbell 66-67 2006
Robert C. Dunning, Sr. HQ 3/506 (mortars) PIR WWII 1/14/2011
Norman C. Duty A 1/506th VN 12/23/2003
Lt. James Drummond Erskine III HQ 1/506th PIR WWII 3/21/2009
David E. Eschenbaum C/E 1/506th VN 12/24/2005
John Lee Eubanks E 506th PIR WWII 4/27/1997
Sgt. Richard "Red" Falvey HQ 2/506th PIR WWII 8/20/2012
John Kingston Feussner HQ 2/506th PIR WWII 10/7/1999
Joseph Thomas Ficarra C 2/506th VN 9/8/2012
Roger Fitch B 1/506th VN 10/6/2011
Sgt. Paul Albert Flachbart A 506th PIR WWII 10/11/1997
Paul F. Flynn LRRP 3/506th VN 2004
Jack Foley E 506th PIR WWII 9/14/2009
Sgt Rozelle Ford 2/506th PIR WWII 6/21/2006
Joseph F. "Mustang" Foster Jr. HHC 2/506th VN 8/8/2010
Sgt. John Paul Frantzen A 2/506th VN 4/7/1998
Roy C. Gammell D 1/506th VN 11/9/2000
Martin E. Galle B/HHC 2/506th VN 1/6/2013
Antonio Garcia E 506th PIR WWII 8/18/2005
Willie L. "Bill" Gardner Jr. HQ 506th PIR WWII 2/24/2000
Albert G. Gazdacko HQ 1/506th PIR WWII 11/10/2000
John Gellerman 506th PIR WWII 9/2003
CSM(R) Thomas W. Gentry A 3/506th VN 12/3/2009
Col(R) John P. Geraci, Sr. HHC 3/506th VN 1/30/1996
1SG(R) Theron V. "Bull" Gergen D 1st ABG/1st ABN INF 1/17/1985
John W. Gibson G/H 506th PIR WWII 6/2/2010
MSG (R) Robert L. Gibson D 1st ABG 2/11/2011
Eldon R. Gingerich G 506th PIR WWII 12/5/2003
Thomas McBride "Bob" Graham C 506th PIR WWII 1977
Sgt. Charles E. Grant E 506th PIR WWII 1984
George J. Gredyk 506th VN 2/21/2010
Ronald C. Groth 3/506th VN 8/15/1997
Eric Thomas Groves D 506th PIR WWII 1974
Richard W. Gleason D 506th PIR WWII 4/26/2000
LTC Charles W. Glover, Jr MTR Btry, 1st Airborne Battle Group 10/12/2002
Ross Geothe 506th PIR WWII 1999
Henry C. Gogola B 506th PIR WWII 9/3/2001
Harlan E. Golding MED 2/506th PIR WWII
Pedro Vega Gomez D 506th PIR WWII 6/9/2009
Walter S. "Smokey" Gordon E 506th PIR WWII 4/19/1997
Thomas I. Gray E 506th PIR WWII 12/23/2009
Merville L. Grimes G 506th PIR WWII 10/23/2007
Stephen E. Grodski E 506th PIR WWII 6/6/2002
William (Bill) Grovenburg HQ 1/506th PIR WWII 1/3/2011
Forrest L. Guth E 506th PIR WWII 8/9/2009
Lloyd D. Guy E 506th PIR WWII 4/22/1995
Irwin Linn Hamby D 3/506th VN 4/27/2004
Frank Hamel Regt HQ 506th PIR WWII 1/6/2006
Layne Hammons C 2/506th VN 8/27/2006
Fayez Handy LMG Platoon HQ 3/506th PIR WWII 1/13/2008
LTC Harold (Hank) Hannah 506th PIR WWII 11/20/2001
Herman "Hank" Hansen E 506th PIR WWII 1980's
Joseph Harris H 506th PIR WWII 6/22/1990
Richard R. Harris D 1/506th VN 5/28/2008
Paul V. Hartman HQ 2/506th PIR WWII 1998
Clinton Harvey 506th PIR WWII 2/19/2002
Major Robert F. Harwick HQ 1/506th PIR WWII 5/19/1960
Nolan H. Harlan B 506th PIR WWII 1998
Richard H. Harms A 506th PIR WWII 6/6/2000
Lester Hashey E 506th PIR WWII 12/11/2002
Albert H. Hassenzahl C 506th PIR WWII 6/13/2009
Edward "Babe" Heffron E 506th PIR WWII 12/1/2013
Sgt. Lester T. Hegland F 506th PIR WWII 1981
Joseph "The Toad" Heisley A 3/506th VN 1990
Carl E. Helderman B 2/506th VN 3/20/1998
James W. Helman C 3/506th VN 1/28/2009
J.D. Henderson E 506th PIR WWII 2/16/2002
Alan D. Henry SVC (Riggers) 506th PIR WWII 9/3/2011
Edward J. Henry A 2/506th VN 9/30/2012
LTC (Ret) Clarence Hester E 506th PIR WWII 12/2000
Jerome E. Hester Sr. HHC 3/506th VN 4/23/2010
Fred T. "Moose" Heyliger E 506th PIR WWII 11/3/2001
CPT(R) David F. Hillard C 3/506th VN 9/14/2011
Jack Wayne Hutchins 506th VN 6/10/2006
SFC Harvey J. Holcomb Sr. (Ret) HQ 506th PIR WWII 7/15/1975
Jack G. Holland I 506th PIR WWII 2000
Danny Hooser D 1/506th VN 1/1977
SPC Taylor Hotzoglou D 2/506th 4BCT Afghanistan 4/29/2012
1SG Bill Howard, Sr. 506th PIR WWII 1994
Timothy Wayne Howard 3/506th LRRP VN 12/28/2012
Frank L. Huddleston C 1st Airborne Battle Group 2005
Gilbert R. Hunteman H 506th PIR WWII 2/7/2004
Cecil G. Hutt G 506th PIR WWII 6/13/2000
Melvin W. Iseneker C 506th PIR WWII 11/23/2008
PFC John Taylor Jackson D 506th PIR WWII 3/10/1993
Guy D. Jackson H 506th PIR WWII 10/22/2001
Leon F. Jackson A 506th PIR WWII 7/3/2011
Reginald Jackson 3/506th VN 4/4/2002
Sgt. Charles Heinrich Jacobs F 506th PIR WWII 12/1980
LTC Marvin Jeffcoat S3 1/506th FC 70s, A Co. 2Bn VN 12/12/1985 Gander
LTC(R) James C. Joiner E 1st ABG, 506th 12/29/2011
CPT(R) Lynwood Lewis Johnson C/A 1st ABG/ABN, 506th 2/13/2013
Harold Wendell Jones, Sr. E 506th PIR WWII 8/13/2000
Francis J. Kalog 506th PIR WWII 3/31/2000
James S. Kanagawa SVC 506th PIR WWII
Steve Kapopoulos D 506th PIR WWII 2004
Kenneth M. Kays D 1/506th VN 11/29/1991
John D. Kelly B 506th PIR WWII 1965
MAJ William C. Kennedy A/B/C 506th PIR WWII 10/8/2000
Doug Ketterling C 1/506th VN 1/25/2001
Paul Kidder D 1/506 VN 5/1994
Carl E. Kinell 3/506th VN 11/1/1997
Cpl. Donald King E 506th PIR WWII 8/11/2003
Mark Kirk LRRP Medic 3/506th VN 11/2002
Gregory L. Klemish HHC (Medic) 2/506th VN 12/14/2011
Enzo Franklin Klinner HHC 1/506th FC, VN 10/31/1992
Franklin J. Kneller, Sr. H 506th PIR WWII 10/27/2007
Charles Knight A 506th PIR WWII 2/6/2007
William H. Knight C 506th PIR WWII 1/15/2001
Haynes C. Knox G 506th PIR WWII 9/13/2011
COL Herbert E. Koenigsbauer HHC 2/506th VN 11/2/2002
Stanley James Kolanowski A 3/506th VN 4/27/2012
John R. Korb E 506th PIR WWII 11/5/2002
George S. Koziol 3/506th VN 01/23/2008
Leo D. Krebs HQ 3/506th PIR WWII 1991
Joe LaBarbera A 506th PIR WWII 6/18/2007
Paul E. Lamoureux E 506th PIR WWII 1/15/2005
Merle B. Lauer HQ (Medic) 3/506th PIR WWII 2/15/2007
Herman I. "Tex" Lawres A 506th PIR WWII 11/16/2000
James E. Layfield I 506th PIR WWII 7/24/1997
Ira Vincent Layman G SV Co, 506th PIR WWII 7/2003
Emerson E. Lee HQ 506th PIR WWII 1/16/2000
George D. Lee C 1/506th VN 11/30/2010
Leonard J. Leitner 1/506th VN 4/6/2002
George Ben LeRoy HQ 1/506th PIR WWII 8/10/2003
Joseph A. Lesniewski E 506th PIR WWII 5/23/2012
Albert Letendre F 506th PIR WWII 4/2004
Joseph D. Liebgott E 506th PIR WWII 6/28/1992
Phillip Crawford Lilley G 506th PIR WWII 9/2001
Robet Evans Lippert 506th PIR WWII 1962
C. Carwood Lipton E 506th PIR WWII 12/16/2001
Thomas E. Lonergan 506th PIR WWII 1999
Fay N. Loveland HQ 2/506th PIR WWII 8/12/2006
Charles M. Lusthoff B 506th PIR WWII
Robert F. Lutz SVC 506th PIR WWII 4/8/1993
George Luz E 506th PIR WWII 10/15/1998
SFC(R) Clancy Lyall E 506th PIR WWII 3/19/2012
Robert S. Mackay G 506th PIR WWII 11/23/2008
Tom "TC" Manbeck C 2/506th VN 5/25/2004
John Mansini Sr. HHC 3/506th VN 6/1/2002
Barry Marchese D 1/506th VN 4/1976
Derrick N. Marez D 2/506th, 4th BCT Iraq 2/14/2011
Robert K. Marsh E 506th PIR WWII 7/30/2005
Ewell B Martin G 506th PIR 10/28/2003
John W Martin E 506th PIR WWII 1/26/2005
Lt. Colonel John E. (Jack) Mathis HQ 1/506th WWII 4/27/2007
MG(R) Salve H. Matheson HQ 2/506th PIR WWII
James M. Mathisen Jr. D 3/506th VN 1/6/2012
Andrew "Mad Dog" Matosky B 2/506th VN 7/7/2004
Edward A. Mauser E 506th PIR WWII 1/21/2011
William C. Maynard E 506th PIR WWII 9/23/2011
Charles A. McCallister HQ 2/506th PIR WWII 11/28/2000
Joseph L. McCauley, Jr HQ 2/506th PIR WWII 12/4/2002
Earl McClung E 506th PIR WWII 2013
Wilbur P. McCoy, Jr. 1/506th VN 7/23/2002
William W. McCraw D 1/506th VN 7/21/1999
Nelson A. "Mac" McFaul A 506th PIR WWII 8/16/2000
Robert L. McKeithan D 506th PIR WWII 11/18/2000
Donald F. McKenzie C 3/506th VN 1/6/2013
Lester G. McNickle G 506th PIR WWII 1/1/2001
James E. "Jake" McNiece HQ 506th PIR WWII 1/21/2013
Harry Stanley McWhorter HQ 506th PIR WWII 1/12/2011
Francis M. McWilliams C 506th PIR WWII 12/28/1994
COL(R) Edward S. Mehosky C & H 506th PIR WWII 3/5/2011
Joachim Melo E 506th PIR WWII 12/30/2012
Edward Melton B 506th PIR WWII 1981
Steven Melton Medic 1/506th 4th BCT Iraq 2/24/2011
Al Messner HQ 506th PIR WWII 1997
Barry Meyerson A 3/506th VN 8/7/2002
Charles E. Miller, Sr. C 506th PIR WWII 12/29/2005
Eugene Miller 506th PIR WWII 1983
Howard G. Miller C 506th PIR WWII 4/13/1991
Jack E. Miller D 506th PIR WWII 8/13/2006
Paul R.Miller HQ (Medic) 506th PIR WWII 5/23/2006
Raymond J. Milleson HQ 3/506th PIR WWII 8/25/1994
Elmer Joseph Minne E 506th PIR WWII 7/6/2004
Ssgt Palma Paul Mitchell B 506th PIR WWII 1/1981
Carmen A. Mittica (1st SG) I 3/506th Fort Jackson 1994
R. David Moellenkamp D 506th PIR WWII 2/3/2003
Joseph J. Molnar A 506th PIR WWII 12/6/2009
Douglas F. Montgomery HQ 2/506th PIR WWII 6/1/2000
John L. Montgomery HQ 3/506th PIR WWII 1978
Lewis Nelson Moore, Jr. A 1/506th VN 4/15/2001
CW3 Robert L. "Pappy" Moore (Ret) HHC 3/506th VN 7/3/2003
Murray F. Moorhatch D 506th PIR WWII 2/27/2010
Tom Moran D 506th PIR WWII 1979
Dr. Stanley E. Morgan Med 506th PIR WWII 2002
David E. Morris E 506th PIR WWII 10/21/1996
Thomas P. Mulvey (Co. Commander) F 506th PIR WWII 4/12/1981
Gary Max Myatt B 1st Airborne Battle Group 6/26/2003
Bernard Negri HQ 506th PIR WWII 5/26/1999
Norman W. Neitzke E 506th PIR WWII 12/8/2008
Ronald L. Nelson D 1/506th VN 3/2002
Henry C. Neptune B 506th PIR WWII 4/26/2008
Sgt. William L. Niten HQ 2/506th PIR WWII 10/6/1984
Lt. Lewis Nixon HQ 2/506th PIR WWII 1995
Calvin H. Norman HQ 1/506th PIR WWII 11/9/1994
Edward F. O'Keefe 506th PIR WWII 3/16/2003
Patrick S. O'Keefe E 506th PIR WWII 2/8/2003
Nick Obrenovich D 1st ABG 57-60 5/11/2009
Vincent F. Occhipinti F 506th PIR WWII 2/18/2000
Marshall Clayton Oliver E 506th PIR WWII 8/18/1956
Ralph J. Olson HQ/D (Medic) 506th PIR WWII 6/1/2013
Jesse G. Orosco F 506th PIR WWII 9/12/2006
Chester M. Osborne, Jr. G 506th PIR WWII 10/12/1984
William Pauli HQ 3/506th PIR WWII 3/7/2002
Brent O. Parmer A 1/506 VN 5/13/2010
COL(R) Edwin E. Passmore HHC (BN CO) 1/506 72-73 7/28/2008
Dennis W. Patton E 1st ABG 11/2004
Michael Paulina B 1st ABG 506th 6/2/2012
1SG Olan Payne E 3/506 VN 10/28/2006
David Mike Pearson HHC/B 3/506 VN 10/18/2008
Wallace H. Pense D 506th PIR WWII 6/12/1987
Frank J. Perconte E 506th PIR WWII 10/24/2013
Robert E. Perdue Jr. F 506th PIR WWII 7/20/2011
Owen R. Perry H 506th PIR WWII 5/17/1998
William C. Perry D 1/506th VN 2/1979
Paul Joseph Peterson, Jr A 1/506th VN 5/28/2005
Albert M. Piatt CO C 506th PIR WWII 5/3/1999
Roy E. Pickel E 506th PIR WWII 1/2/2008
Thomas K. Pinhey PhD C 1/506 Airborne Battle Group 1/2/2013
Edward Pittman Jr. C 2/506 VN 11/16/2006
Willie C. Pitts A 3/506 VN 2/19/2005
William B. Plemons B 2/506 VN 9/9/2010
Kevin A. Poehls A 2/506th 4th BCT 5/19/2008
Michael K. Pollard C 3/506th VN 4/29/2001
Archie Ponds A 506th PIR WWII 8/18/2007
George L. Potter, Jr. E 506th PIR WWII 1/7/1985
Darrell "Shifty" Powers E 506th PIR WWII 6/17/2009
Doris Schoedel Porter 2/506th Red Cross WWII 7/9/2002
COL(R) James A. Pratz HHC (FAC), 3/506th VN 8/27/2011
George "Budd" Primrose B 506th PIR WWII 7/13/2011
Robert A. Pulcini B/HHC 3/506th VN 7/8/2003
Charles Puzuhanich G 506th PIR WWII 1/1992
William Pyne C 506th PIR WWII 8/23/2000
SGT Daniel M. Quaine B 1/506th 2nd BCT Iraq 5/7/2006
Lt. Wilbur R. "Web" Raduenz B 506th PIR WWII 9/4/2010
Maxwell H. Ralya C 3/506th VN 8/5/2001
Denver "Bull" Randleman E 506th PIR WWII 6/26/2003
Sgt. Myron "Mike" Ranney E 506th PIR WWII 9/1988
MSG(R) Dario L. Ramos A 506th PIR WWII 5/27/2010
Andrew Rasmussen 506th PIR WWII 1/2002
John C. Reade H 506th PIR WWII 7/26/2007
Bill E. Reed 506th PIR WWII 6/5/2007
LaVon P. Reese E 506th PIR WWII 1975
Robert B. Reeves 506th PIR WWII 6/1979
Dewey "Brown" Rex HQ 3/506th PIR WWII & 1st Airborne Battle Group 12/24/1977
Thomas A. Rhodes, Jr. F/HQ 2/506th PIR WWII 1983
LTC Ralph David Richey, Jr. E 506th PIR WWII 1970
Col. Chandler H. Rigdon, Sr HQ 506th PIR WWII 8/14/2001
Lee A. Riordan 506th PIR WWII
Henry R. Ritter HQ 3rd Bn 506th PIR WWII 5/29/2003
Walter D. "Bud" Robards C 3/506th VN 12/21/2012
Ralph Robbins F 506th PIR WWII 8/12/2001
Steven Scott Robertson C 1/506th 2nd ID Korea/Iraq 7/19/2012
Lt. William F. Robertson F 506th PIR WWII 3/1992
LTG (R) Elvy B. Roberts Recon 1st Airborne Battle Group 10/11/2005
Jerry Robinette 506th 9/29/2002
Vincent James Rocco Mortar Battery, 1st ABG 506th, 1959-1962 9/20/2009
William B. Rodman HQ 2/506th PIR WWII 1994
Anthony C. Rodriguez C 506th PIR WWII 3/2/2010
Eugene "Gene" Roe E 506th PIR WWII 12/30/1998
Charles L. Roeser HQ 2/506th PIR WWII 6/14/1995
Rembert "Gabe" Rollison D 2/506th VN 10/4/2000
Bobbie J. Rommel LMG Platoon HQ 3/506th PIR WWII 4/11/2009
George M. Rosie HQ 3/506th PIR WWII 5/14/2008
Donald Clifton Ross HQ I 506th PIR WWII 3/29/2004
Warren Roush E 506th PIR WWII 2/4/1999
John Rozsman A 506th PIR WWII 1/2/2001
Gary Runge D 2/506th VN 12/9/2006
Carl Rush D 1st ABG 2009
Wendell "Sleepy" Russell HQ 2/506th PIR WWII 9/2002
Edward F. Sabo E 506th PIR WWII 6/21/1998
Audon Saldivar B 2/506th VN 11/1991
August J. Sansone 506th PIR WWII 11/2/2000
Charles J. Santarsiero I 506th PIR WWII 5/10/2004
Carl "Jack" Sauls HQ 1/506th PIR WWII
Karl R. Schmitt B 506th PIR WWII 3/25/1997
Rick Schroth B 2/506th VN 2/28/2000
Artur J. Schwab QM 506th PIR WWII 1/24/2001
Capt. Isadore Schwartz Medical Corp 506th PIR WWII 1992
Clifford Seng B 2/506th VN 3/17/2003
Frank E. Servantes D 1/506th VN 5/2/2000
Charles F. "Tuck " Shaffer Sr. F 506th PIR WWII 9/2/2009
Cpl. Gilbert D. Shaw HQ 2/506th PIR WWII 11/7/2000
William Shearin A 506th PIR WWII 7/3/1999
MG(R) Michael B. Sherfield B 1/506th VN 5/22/2000
COL. Charles Gloyd Shettle I 506th PIR WWII 1/11/1999
Richard Lamar Shivers I 506th PIR WWII 7/28/2002
Charles H. Shoemaker A 506th PIR WWII 12/5/2002
James B. Sholty E 506th PIR WWII 1991
Charles R. "Bob" Skeen G 506th PIR WWII 1977
Edgar A. Sibley H 506th PIR WWII 6/20/2003
John Sigalos G 506th PIR WWII 7/2007
James B. Simms HQ 1/506th PIR WWII 7/3/2004
John Simson 506th PIR WWII 7/7/2001
Col. Robert F. Sink 506th PIR WWII 12/13/1965
Burley Sizemore A 506th PIR WWII 1/18/2000
Charles R. "Bob" Skeen G 506th PIR WWII 1977
Ralph Smeal B 506th PIR WWII 1988
Danny C. Smith B 2/506th VN 5/19/2009
Fred T. Smith Sr B 506th PIR WWII 2/6/2000
Robert "Burr" Smith E 506th PIR WWII 1/7/1983
Robert S. Smith Jr. C 3/506th Vietnam 7/2009
CWO2(R) Woodrow H. Smith G 506th PIR WWII 9/17/2004
Samuel S. Snobar G 506th PIR WWII 4/17/2005
Capt. Herbert Sobel E 506th PIR WWII 9/1988
Quentin D. Sjodin D 1st ABG 3/27/2008
James A. Solderholm 3/506th VN 10/15/1987
Gabriel Sonoqui G 506th PIR WWII May 2002
Larry J. "Little Tex" Sonnier C 1/506th VN 11/8/2012
Sgt. Eugene W. Sousa 2/506th VN 1992
Eugene "Gene" Spangler G 506th PIR WWII 8/19/2003
Paul A. Speer D 2/506th VN 5/1978
Capt. Ronald I. Speirs D & E 506th WWII 4/11/2007
Steven J. Spigarelli, Jr. B 1/506th, 4th BCT Iraq 2/2011
Ralph Spina (Medic) E 506th WWII 8/12/2007
Corliss Spurlock B 2/506th VN 8/1/1972
Frederick W. Stakelbeck, Sr. D 1st Airborne Battle Group, A 2nd ABN INF 5/29/2003
Brian E. Stallard E (LRRP) 3/506th VN 5/19/2008
Denny Stanga B 2/506th VN 2/26/2008
Gary A. Steele C 2/506th VN 1/26/2003
James F. Stephenson HQ 506th PIR WWII 1/22/2004
Donald A. Stallings C 3/506th VN 7/22/2003
Henry P. Steinmetz B 506th PIR WWII 10/13/2001
Richard Stockhouse HQ 3/506th PIR WWII 1983
Tech/4 Claude W. Stoke SV Co. 506th PIR WWII 5/8/2005
Lt. George A. Stokes B 506th PIR WWII 3/14/1998
Milton V. Stokes B 506th PIR WWII 11/29/2002
Robert F. Stone F 506th PIR WWII 9/24/2001
Bill Straitiff A 506th PIR WWII 3/10/1999
LTC Michael V. Stratton (Ret) HQ 3/506th VN 7/2003
COL Robert L. Strayer HQ 2/506th PIR WWII 12/18/2002
Charles David Strickland D 2/506th VN 1/21/2005
Luther J. Stultz HHC 3/506th VN 9/15/2009
Sidney S. Sturtevant HQ 506th PIR WWII 6/8/1997
Capt(R) Lee Sullivan B 1/506th VN 10/9/2010
Michael E. Sullivan C/E 3/506th VN 8/5/2005
Burl Lane Summers D 3/506th VN 11/11/2012
Harold S. Susel HQ 2/506th PIR WWII 1993
Alan J. Swanson B 2/506th VN 12/4/2002
Philip L. Sweet C 2/506th VN 1/9/2004
Cyrus Swinson HQ 3/506th PIR WWII 1995
Otto T. Sykes HQ 2/506th PIR WWII 3/10/2002
Floyd "Tab" Talbert E 506th PIR WWII 10/18/1982
Victor Tamkun CO F 506th PIR WWII 12/8/2000
Amos "Buck" Taylor Jr. E 506th PIR WWII 8/24/2011
Randall F. Thompson D 1/506th VN 2/28/1996
Richard L. Thomas C 2/506th VN 2/7/2002
COL (R) Philip Tinsley, Jr. E 1st ABG 3/2005
David Tovar A 506th PIR WWII 10/7/1998
Sgt. Joseph Toye E 506th PIR WWII 9/3/1995
Jessie Tracy B/HHC 3/506th VN 11/1/2006
Ralph J. Trapuzzano E 506th PIR WWII 11/3/1996
Edward F. Trebets C 506th PIR WWII 1946
Eugene R. Tremble E 506th PIR WWII 2/6/2004
CSM Herman L. Trent B 2/506th VN 2007
Capt. Roy Turgeon Jr B 2/506th VN 3/29/2001
John A. Turner C 506th PIR WWII 5/17/2000
Capt. Richard E Turner B 506th PIR WWII 8/19/2007
Gilbert Van Every D 506th PIR WWII 7/2/1987
Pfc. Paul F. Van Pelt Regt. HQ 506th PIR WWII 12/30/2007
James Vanderslice 506th 5/11/2004
George W. Vanderslice B 506th PIR WWII 7/23/2003
Bruno "Frankie" Vasil Sr. I 506th PIR WWII 3/17/1993
SSgt. Leroy Vickers HQ 3/506th PIR WWII 5/28/1985
Robert E. Vogel F 506th PIR WWII 11/3/2004
Frank Vought C 2/506 VN 10/26/2008
James L. Walker H 506th PIR WWII 5/14/2002
Robert Stewart Wallace C 506th PIR WWII 3/8/1997
Harry Thomas Waltz D 506th PIR WWII 1/1967
Clarence C. Ware Reg HQ 506th PIR WWII 1/2000
SGT James Archie Warren C Co. 1/506 2004-2006 4/8/2010
Robert T. Watson 3/506th VN 3/5/1990
Sgt. Robert R. Webb HQ 3/506th PIR WWII 12/24/2001
David Kenyon Webster E 506th PIR WWII 9/9/1961
Harry F. Welsh E 506th PIR WWII 1/21/95
Ronald T. Wensel C 2/506th VN 8/10/1996
Daniel B. West E 506th PIR WWII 5/15/2005
Ewell W. Westmoreland F 506th PIR WWII 3/2/1981
James W. Wheeler HQ E 506th PIR WWII 12/23/1999
Bruce White B 2/506 VN 3/13/2003
Lucian "Larry" H. Whitehead G 506 PIR WWII 7/14/2012
Bob Wiggins C 1/506th VN 9/8/1991
Erskine "Leon" Widemon B 3/506th VN 6/23/2004
Gene Wilhelm 506th PIR WWII 4/24/2006
Howard Williams 1/506th PIR WWII 2006
James L. Williams G 506th PIR WWII 9/1975
Michael James Williams D 1/506th Vietnam 8/26/2010
LTC Shrable D. Williams 506th PIR WWII 10/27/1997
Carroll D. Williamson B 506th PIR WWII 12/15/2000
Mike "Moose" Wilmes A 1/506th VN 4/21/2003
John J. Windish I 506th PIR WWII 1998
Maj (Ret) Richard D. Winters E 506th PIR WWII 1/2/2011
Dallas E. Wright E 506th PIR WWII 1962
Richard "Red" Wright E 506th PIR WWII 9/5/2004
Hugh Jack Wynn E 506th PIR WWII 3/11/2002
Robert E. "Popeye" Wynn E 506th PIR WWII 3/18/2000
Gordon W. Yates H 506th PIR WWII 10/1999
Ralph R. Younce HHC, 1st ABG, 506th 5/5/2011
David Zellmer D 1/506th VN 12/12/2000
Duane Zentz B 506th PIR WWII 6/28/2003
Roy A. Zerbe F 506th PIR WWII 7/22/2011
Robert Zerr A 2/506th VN 2/17/1973
Sgt John D. Zelinski LMG platoon, HQ 2nd Bn, 506th PIR WWII 3/14/1980
Henry C. Zimmerman E 506th PIR WWII 10/3/2011
Matthew Zygmunt C 1/506th 2005-2006 8/3/2009

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