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Welcome to The CURRAHEE Home Page. Home for veterans of "The 506th Infantry Regiment". Everyone is welcome here. We are an organization dedicated to the Active Duty Soldiers and Veterans of the 506th Infantry and their History.

Click here for DRIVING DIRECTIONS and a map of THE CURRAHEE FOOTPRINT at FORT CAMPBELL, KY with the 506th area identified.
2012 Map for FORT CAMPBELL, KY

11/14/13 Currahees In The News

Belgium By MAJ John W. Davis 11/25/2013

101st Airborne mourns a Fallen Eagle 11/14/2013

'Currahees' redeploy from Afghanistan ahead of schedule 10/24/2013

'Currahee' Cavalry soldiers receive gold spurs 10/15/2013

4th BCT Commander: Undreamed-of changes 10 years after 9/25/2013

11/14/2013Branson, Missouri Chosen for 2014 Currahee Reunion

Wednesday, September 10, 2014 to Saturday, September 13, 2014 Radisson Hotel Branson, Mo
You can now make your reunion hotel reservations by going to the hotel's online website at or calling the hotel directly at 417 335-5767

UPDATE - Things to do in family friendly Branson
For those who have never been to Branson before, you are in for an unexpected treat. The biggest attraction in Branson is live entertainment. This link lists the more than 75 venues with live shows If this is not enough to keep you busy, then check out the links to some of Branson's other major attractions.
Silver Dollar City
Titanic Branson
Rock Lake
Branson Train
Show Boat Branson Belle
Ride the Ducks
White Water Dollar City
Golf Courses
Boat Branson
Shopping Centers Malls
The Official Branson Web Site
Trip Advisor's reviews of 197 different things to do in Branson
The 2014 Reunion events include a Hospitality/Display Room, Quartermaster Sales Room , Regimental Buffet (Thursday evening, September 11th), Association General Membership Meeting (Saturday morning, September 13th), and Currahee Memorial Dinner (Saturday evening, September 13th).
Click here - for more details. This link will be updated on a regular basis as more information becomes available.

11/1/2013New Member Benefit - AchieveLinks

Dear Fellow Currahee,

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10/31/2013Treasurer Vacancy

Our long-time Treasurer, Hoyt Bruce Moore III, or "Moe" to his friends from Vietnam, notified the Board of Directors last fall that he wished to step down from his post effective at the end of this summer. From the earliest days of the Association, Bruce and wife Peggy Pearson not only did the financial management and managerial accounting for the Association; they also did all the detail transactions, as well as much of the work on our website. We are grateful beyond words for their dedication.
Bruce's retirement, effective August 31, means the Board of Directors will have to fill the vacant post on an interim basis until the business meeting at our reunion in Branson in September of 2014. The successful migration to an association management company has removed the accounting, bookkeeping and transaction tasks of the job; but, the executive-level oversight, analysis, assessment and reporting responsibilities remain with the Treasurer.

Our organizational Bylaws state the minimum qualifications (Section 6.2) and the responsibilities (Section 6.6.4) for the office. No degree or professional certification is required although some background in accounting, contracting or business management will be helpful, as will good communications and analytical skills.
In addition to serving as Treasurer, the individual also sits as a member of the Executive committee of the Board of Directors. The appointment will be effective from appointment until September 2014 unless reelected. Like all board positions, this is a volunteer post with no salary.

For questions or for more information, feel free to contact President Mike Metzger at If you are interested in serving your fellow veterans through this position, the application process is simple: send a statement of interest with a summary of your relevant education, skills and experience to Mike at the above email address.

Applications will be accepted until the position is filled.


10/25/2013Call for Nominations of 506th Infantry Distinguished Members of the Regiment

The 4th Brigade Combat Team (506th Infantry Regiment) will a conduct a Distinguished Member of the Regiment (DMOR) and Honorary Member of the Regiment (HMOR) Induction Ceremony on Thursday, March 13, 2014 in conjunction with the Brigade's Memorial Ceremony to honor those who made the ultimate sacrifice during the most recent deployment to Afghanistan in support of Operation ENDURING FREEDOM XIII-XIV. Former and current members of the Regiment and the 4th Brigade BCT can be nominated to be considered for DMOR while those who did not serve in the Regiment, but provided outstanding service to the Regiment may be considered for HMOR.

For full details of what is required by the Army and how to submit a nomination click on this link: DMOR/HMOR Instructions

10/25/2013CURRAHEE RENDEZVOUS - 2014

Another chapter in the history of the Regiment is coming to a close when the 4th Brigade Combat Team, 506th Infantry Regiment (Currahee) returns home this Winter after its' most recent deployment in Afghanistan.

COL Valery C. Keaveny, Jr., Brigade Commander, is inviting all of us to Fort Campbell in order to celebrate the unit's return. Plans are being made for Currahee Rendezvous - 2014 to take place in March 2014. So far plans include an Open House at Brigade and all Battalion HQ's on Wednesday, March 12th and Thursday, March 13th; Also on Thursday, March 13th a Currahee Memorial Monument Rededication and a Distinguished Member of the Regiment (DMOR) Ceremony will be held. The grand finale will be on the evening of Friday, March 14th a Currahee Regimental Ball to be held at the Gaylord Opryland Hotel in Nashville.

More detailed information will be posted about the full schedule of events as such information becomes available. For information regarding the 506th Association's Rendezvous Headquarters Hotel; 4th BCT, 506th Area Map; Driving Directions / Fort Campbell Vehicle Registration - Click here CURRAHEE RENDEZVOUS.

8/29/2013Currahees To Be Deactivated

Due to cutbacks in the Armed Forces of the United States. The 4th Brigade Combat Team, 506th Infantry Regiment of the 101st Airborne Division is scheduled to be deactivated in the Spring of 2014. The 101st Airborne Division will go back to three infantry based brigades each with three infantry battalions. Currently, each brigade has two infantry battalions, one cavalry squadron, one artillery battalion and other support units. 1-506 Infantry and 2-506 Infantry will most likely move to other brigades. Since the Currahee brigade barracks and buildings are new another brigade will probably take over this area.

If this occurs, the Currahee KIA Memorial, located in the 4th Brigade area at Fort Campbell, may have to be moved. This Memorial is an important focal point for the active Currahee’s and is used by Commanders for a variety of activities to reinforce the pride in the accomplishments of the unit and to build and maintain their esprit de corp. Where the Memorial might go and what this will cost is the subject of much speculation. Right now there are many more questions than answers. In addition, due to casualties taken during the current deployment, updates must be made to one of the Memorial stones and maintenance must be continued. Because the Association is committed to preserving the integrity and unit proximity of the Memorial, it is essential that we build upon our funding reserve to be able to address these needs in the coming months.

The Association is committed to finding a new home for the KIA Memorial if it must be moved. Therefore, The 506th Association is renewing its fund drive for the KIA Memorial. We ask that you consider renewing your commitment and make a contribution now to provide these required funds before the planned deactivation in April 2014. Any amount would be of value, so please, make your pledge today. See the links below to donate.

The Association remains in close contact with the 4th Brigade Combat Team Rear Detachment and will bring you more news as soon as we get it.

A general link to a description of all Association fund raising projects. Scroll down for information on the KIA Memorial

A link to the US Mail donation form for the KIA Memorial

A link to the PayPal donation form for the KIA Memorial

6/12/2013506th Association Assists Wounded Currahees

If you have read the Currahees in the news section at the top of the home page, you will see a story on two Currahees killed in action. What is not mentioned in that story is that there were also five Currahees wounded in action. To find out what the 506th Association is doing to assist these soldiers and their families CLICK HERE

4/26/13 Association Administrative Duties

The Association financial and administrative duties will transition to the Association Mangement Company effective May 1, 2013. For more information read the letter of explanation from the Chairman of the Board, John Lally.

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