4th Brigade Combat Team

Night Raid
Alpha Battery "Archangels", 4th BN, 320th FA
August 3, 2006

Night Raid: 5-minute YouTube video footage of this raid

photos by PO1 Keith W. DeVinney
Mass Communication Specialist, US Navy

1LT Amos Bock

1LT Amos Camden Riley Bock (A Battery, 4th BN, 320th FA) stands guard at the
front entrance to an apartment building in East Baghdad early in the morning.

SSG David Chastain

SSG David Chastain directs "Archangels" soldiers during the raid. Infor-
mation had been received about an explosives cache inside the building.

1LT Amos Bock

1LT Bock stands guard in the stairway.

During the raid, Alpha Battery soldiers discovered 139 anti-personnel land
mines, a bag of small arms ammunition, an anti-tank mine, and other various
explosives used for making Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs).

1LT Amos Camden Riley Bock

1LT Amos Bock was subsequently KIA on October 23, 2006.

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