4th Brigade Combat Team

Weapon Registration Exercise
Alpha Battery "Archangels", 4th BN, 320th FA
FOB Loyalty - August 10, 2006

photo by PO1 Keith W. DeVinney
Mass Communication Specialist, US Navy

PFC Melvin Odell
PFC Melvin Odell (A Battery, 4th BN, 320th FA) loads an artillery round
into his 105mm M119-A2 Light Howitzer during a weapon registration
exercise. The "Archangels" registered their Howitzers on FOB Loyalty
as part of an annual requirement to ensure their accuracy.

photo and video from SFC David M. Garcia [A Co, 578th ENG, 40th ID (National Guard)]
SFC David M. Garcia

SFC David M. Garcia, NCOIC, FOB Loyalty

Firing the Big Gun: 14-second video

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