4th Brigade Combat Team

4th BCT, 506th INF
801st Brigade Support Battalion
Fort Campbell, KY -- 2004-current
Republic of Iraq -- 2005-2006
Afghanistan -- 2008-2009
Afghanistan -- 2010-2011
Afghanistan -- 2013-2014

HHC, A, B, and C Companies

Companies D, E, F, and G are attached to other
4th BCT Battalions as Forward Support Companies


801st BSB Insignia

History: 1956

The New Currahees!: January 2007

Press Puts Squeeze on Currahee Leadership: January 15, 2010, Fort Campbell Courier on-line article (with photo)

Currahees Train Rakkasans on MRAP Recovery: January 21, 2010, Fort Campbell Courier on-line article (with photos) about B Company

Program Builds Currahee-Strong Relationships: January 21, 2010, Fort Campbell Courier on-line article (with photo)

Currahee Selected to Attend Junior Officers Week: February 4, 2010, Fort Campbell Courier on-line article about 1LT Tari A. Glowacki (C Co, 801st BSB)

Currahees Train in BCTC Warfighter Exercise: March 11, 2010, Fort Campbell Courier on-line article includes CSM(R) Charles W. Fitzpatrick [HHC (BN CSM), 1st BN, 506th, 1991-1992]

Physical Therapy Room Opens to 4th BCT Soldiers: March 25, 2010, Fort Campbell Courier on-line article

Iraq Deployment: November 2005-November 2006

Additional articles and photos about the 801st Brigade Support Battalion can be found on
some of the pages of the 506th Regimental Combat Team brigade-level newsletter.

Currahee Press:

The 506th RCT in Iraq

Iraqi Police Prevent IED Ambush: January 14, 2006

NATO Soldiers Learn Life Saving Techniques: February 9, 2006 article (with photo)

MND-Baghdad Leaders Visit Eastern Baghdad Residents: March 9, 2006 article (with photos)

Enlisted Soldier Fulfills Dream of Becoming Pilot: April 10, 2006 article about SSG Marlon Stewart (A Co, 801st BSB)

506th Infantry Regiment Soldiers Dedicate Chapels: April 21, 2006 article (with photos)

Soldiers Provide Humanitarian Aid to Zafaraniya: August 24, 2006 article (with photos)

Afghanistan Deployment: March 2008-March 2009

Vice Chief Reenlists BSB Soldier: May 12, 2008, article (with photo) B Company

Low-Altitude Delivery Service Takes Supplies to Ground Troops: June 18, 2008, article (with photo)

Jingle Air Supplies Isolated Soldiers: June 22, 2008, article (with photo)

'Currahee' BLST Makes a Difference at FOB Sharana: August 17, 2008

Sleaford Helps Rescue Burned Afghan Baby: February 13, 2009, Genesco Republic (IL) on-line article (with photo) about C Company

Afghanistan Deployment: August 2010 - August 2011

Currahees Sling Load Supplies Across Paktika Province: September 19, 2010 article (with photos) about A Company

TF Currahee Soldiers Get Much Needed, Well-Deserved Surprise: October 2, 2010 article (with photos) about 801st BSB food service

FOB Yahya Khel Soldiers Receive Surprise Lunch: October 20, 2010 article (with photos) about 801st BSB food service

TF Currahee Combat Logistic Patrols: November 6, 2010 article (with photos) about A Company

Afghanistan 'Surge' Troops Appreciate Support from Home: November 19, 2010 article

Star-Studded Tour Entertains Currahee Troops: December 15, 2010 article (with photo)

Lifeliners Deliver 120 Bundles Despite Snow: February 1, 2011 article

Air Mobility Key to Outpost Sustainability: February 2, 2011 article

C-17s Deliver Largest OEF Fuel Resupply: February 2, 2011 article

Currahee Helps Remote FOB Retrieve Supplies: February 3, 2011 article

ANA Soldiers Train on Generator Maintenance: March 14, 2011 article (with photo) about B Company

TF Currahee Leads Combined Medical Operation: March 15, 2011 article about C Company

Currahee Tests ANA's Medical Mettle: April 4-6, 2011 article about C Company

TF Currahee Reflects on Pressures during National Stress Awareness Month: April 21, 2011 article

TF Currahee Opens FOB Sharana's New Education Center: April 30, 2011 article (with photo)

Chaplains Prepare for Brigade Redeployment: May 6, 2011 article

Currahees Stay Connected on Mother's Day: May 9, 2011 article

Logistics Troops Support Soldiers in Afghanistan: May 24, 2011 article (with photos)

Task Force Currahee OEF X-XI Scrapbook: ordering information (PDF file)

Commander Delivers Special Meals to FOBs, Boosts Morale: July 18, 2011 article (with photos)

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