4th Brigade Combat Team

4th BCT, 506th INF
801st Brigade Support Battalion

HHC, A, B, and C Companies

Companies D, E, F, and G are attached to other
4th BCT Battalions as Forward Support Companies

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Fort Campbell, KY -- 2005-current

Casing of the Colors, February 28, 2008  Casing of the Colors, July 27, 2010

Republic of Iraq -- 2005-2006

C Company, Fall 2006

Additional Iraq photos are included inside the following articles:

NATO Soldiers Learn Life Saving Techniques
MND-Baghdad Leaders Visit Eastern Baghdad Residents
506th Infantry Regiment Soldiers Dedicate Chapels
Soldiers Provide Humanitarian Aid to Zafaraniya

Afghanistan -- 2008-2009

Afghanistan 2008-2009 photos are included inside the following articles:

Vice Chief Reenlists BSB Soldier
Low-Altitude Delivery Service Takes Supplies to Ground Troops
Jingle Air Supplies Isolated Soldiers


Off-Site 2008 Afghanistan Photo
(not maintained by the 506th Association)

C Co, 801st BSB, FOB Sharana Aid Station

Afghanistan -- 2010-2011

FOB Waza K'wah, January 2011

Additional Afghanistan 2010-2011 photos are included inside the following articles:

Currahees Sling Load Supplies Across Paktika Province
TF Currahee Soldiers Get Much Needed, Well-Deserved Surprise
FOB Yahya Khel Soldiers Receive Surprise Lunch
TF Currahee Combat Logistic Patrols

Star-Studded Tour Entertains Currahee Troops
ANA Soldiers Train on Generator Maintenance

TF Currahee Leads Combined Medical Operation
TF Currahee Opens FOB Sharana's New Education Center
Logistics Troops Support Soldiers in Afghanistan
Commander Delivers Special Meals to FOBs, Boosts Morale

Off-Site Afghanistan 2010-2011 Photos
(not maintained by the 506th Association)

More than 1,000 Afghanistan 2010-2011 photos are on the 4th BCT Facebook Wall.

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