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Currahee Yearbook 2004-2005

The active-duty soldiers of the 1st Battalion, 506th Infantry, 2nd Brigade Combat Team, 2nd Infantry Division created a CD yearbook of their experiences in Iraq. Each soldier who served with the 506th in Iraq was given a copy of the CD.

NOTE#1: due to disk space and bandwidth considerations, not all of the yearbook can be made accessible via the 506th Association web site. The following yearbook sections are NOT available on-line:
- video clips
- audio clips
- the larger versions of the both the Gallery photo sections and the Portrait photo sections.
The smaller versions of all of these photos can be viewed; however, in most cases, if you click on the smaller versions of the photo, a window with a Not Found error message will appear because the larger version of that photo is not on-line.

NOTE#2: some of the Gallery and Portrait pages of this yearbook have so many photos that not all of them will load with a slow internet connection. If a red X appears where a photo should be, right-click the red X and select the Show Picture command.

Currahee Yearbook 2004-2005
Click on the image above to enter the 2004-2005 Currahee Yearbook.

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