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1st Battalion, 506th
Imjin Scouts

items and text from CPT(R) Wallace "Wally" Ward, Jr.
(2nd Platoon Leader and XO, C Co, 1st BN, 1988-1990)
Imjin Scout Patch

We bought these patches locally, since the Army only gave the certificates at that time.

We were the only active combat zone during that time. We did not just look at a fence. We
conducted recon patrols during the day (locked and loaded) and ambush patrols at night, where
we set out our claymore mines and were fully locked and loaded. No fence once inside DMZ.

We conducted guard post missions and QRF missions as well. Basically, during QRF you lived
24/7 in a special barracks. Uniform on all the time. Patrol trucks loaded out with weapons. Sand
bags on floor of trucks. C Company was the spear head to going to war in Korea in January or
February 1990. We got code word to launch to Battle Position #1. That BP is in North Korea.

We also provided the security for Freedom Bridge. I commanded it on my rotation, and we had
an incident there with locked and loaded weapons and physical confrontation on the Bridge. I
was the Platoon Leader and Bridge Commander at the time. Interesting story. June 1989.

Imjin Scout Certificate

We were awarded these certificates at a battalion ceremony at the completion of the DMZ Security Mission.

When I was there from 1988 to 1990, the 506th did the mission from late November to early March (the
coldest months in Korea). You had to spend a certain amount of time actually in the DMZ and complete
combat patrols (Ambush and Recon - and we did deploy claymore mines to the front during ambush patrols)
and guard post missions to include LP/OPs and Quick Reaction force missions. We were locked and loaded.

Combat Patrol
Combat patrol outside Guard Post Collier

Additional information can be found on the Imjin Scout web site.

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