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Fort Campbell, KY -- 2005-current

1st BN Reactivation, October 13, 2005  Currahee Flag Presentations to 1st BN  A Company, Fort Campbell, KY, October 2005  C Company, Fort Campbell, KY, October 2005  Casing of the Colors, February 28, 2008  Casing of the Colors, July 27, 2010  A Company, Fort Campbell, KY, August 2010

Republic of Iraq -- 2005-2006

E Co, 801st BSB, Kuwait, December 2005  1st BN Christmas Dinner, Iraq, 2005  2nd Platoon, A Company, Camp Corregidor

Additional Iraq photos are included inside the following articles:

Operation Dragon's Breath
Keenan Awarded Purple Heart

Afghanistan -- 2008-2009

TOA, FOB Ghazni, April 2008  C Company Gunfighters, 2008  PSD, May 2008  B Company, Zana Khan, July 2008  B Company, July-August 2008  Medics, HHC/C Co, Ghazni Province, 2008  C Company, Zynokyon Pass  BAS, FOB Kushamond  C Company, Paktika Province

Additional 2008-2009 Afghanistan photos are included inside the following articles:

Better Cooperation Stems from Meeting
Secretary of Army Visits Ghazni, Afghanistan

Afghanistan -- 2010-2011

Patrol through Yahya Khel, September 2010  A Co, COP Yahya Khel, 2010-2011  A Co, COP Yahya Khel, Thanksgiving 2010  FOB Waza K'wah, January 2011  C Co, FOB Kushamond

Additional 2010-2011 Afghanistan photos are included inside the following articles:

TF Currahee Soldiers on Patrol in KKC
FOB Yahya Khel Soldiers Receive Surprise Lunch
LCLA Delivers to Currahee Units
Red Currahee Mechanics Keep Soldiers Moving
ABP Graduate from Red Currahee Team Leader Course
TF Red Currahee Turns up Heat in Paktika Province

Star-Studded Tour Entertains Currahee Troops
Red Currahee Cooks Create Special Treats for Soldier Morale
Woven Mats Cut Convoy Time in Paktika
Biometrics, Guardians of Peace Enhance Security

Trauma Center Named after Fallen Currahee Medic Opens
TF Currahee First to Test 120mm Precision Guided Munitions in Afghanistan

Paktika Task Force Honors Fallen Soldier
Red Currahee Reapers Overcome Terrain Challenges, Open Gwashta Pass
Commander Delivers Special Meals to FOBs, Boosts Morale


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