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Fort Campbell, KY -- 2005-current

A Co MOUT Demonstration, October 2005  2nd BN Reactivation, October 13, 2005  Currahee Flag Presentations to 2nd BN  A Company Leaving for Iraq, November 2005  Casing of the Colors, February 28, 2008  1st Plt, A Co Leaving for Afghanistan, March 2008  Casing of the Colors, July 27, 2010

Republic of Iraq -- 2005-2006

1st Plt, B Co, 2nd BN, Kuwait, November 2005  1st Plt, A Co, Kuwait, December 2005  The Rock Garden, Kuwait, December 2005  HHC, 2nd BN, Kuwait, November 2005  1st Plt, A Co, 2nd BN, January 2006  Convoy Brief, B Co, 2nd BN, January 2006  C Company, 2nd BN, January 2006  F Company, 801st BSB  HHC, 2nd BN, Iraq, February 2006  Camp Falcon, Iraq, March 2006  A Co, 2nd BN, March-July 2006  B Co, 2-506th, Dashir Market, April 2006  Awards, A Co, 2nd BN, Iraq  Operation Baghdad is Beautiful, June 28, 2006  Operation Together Forward, August 2006  A Co, 2nd BN, FOB Falcon, 2006   2nd BN, 506th, August 16, 2006  Mess Hall at FOB Falcon, 2006-2007

Additional Iraq photos are included inside the following articles:

Infantrymen Hone Skills on Udairi Dismount Lanes
Common Mission
Soldiers Clear Route Redwing
Iraqi Police Improve Doura Market
Securing Baghdad
PSD: Not Your Everyday Job
Joint Patrols Knocking on Doors in Doura

Afghanistan -- 2008-2009

1st Platoon, A Co, 2nd BN, Kandahar, April/May 2008  2nd BN, 506th, May-June 2008   ISAF, TF Currahee, June 2008  C Co, 2nd BN, East Paktika Province, October 2008  ISAF, TF Currahee Scout & Mortar Patrols

Additional 2008-2009 Afghanistan photos are included inside the following articles:

Teamwork Thwarts Anti-Afghan Safe Haven
Combined Efforts Help Thwart Taliban Attacks
Currahee Troops Search for Weapons
Malakshay Troops Depend on Supplies
Connecting with the People
Post Exchange Provided at Remote Bases

Afghanistan -- 2010-2011

1st Platoon, C Co, 2nd BN, December 2010

Additional 2010-2011 Afghanistan photos are included inside the following articles:

Currahees Sling Load Supplies Across Paktika Province
TF Currahee Soldiers Provide 3 Hot Meals a Day
TF Currahee Soldiers Get Much Needed, Well-Deserved Surprise

TF Currahee Mortarmen Get Job Done
Currahee Medics Train, Mentor ANA Soldiers
TF Currahee Conducts Largest Combined Air Assault So Far

Currahee Soldier Awarded Silver Star
Father Presents Son Purple Heart on Thanksgiving Day
The Defense of COP Margah

Star-Studded Tour Entertains Currahee Troops
Currahees Add to Their Weapons Arsenal
Currahee Soldiers Push Forward through All Obstacles
TF Currahee Eliminates Enemy Stronghold during Operation Overlord

'Dog' Company Takes Fight to the High Ground
Infantry Soldiers Hold Border Hilltop during Attack
Soldiers Describe Life in Paktika Province
TF White Currahee Improves ANSF Capability, Secures Border
Petraeus Recognizes TF Currahee Soldiers for Combat Actions


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