4th Brigade Combat Team

Regimental Headquarters
4th Brigade Combat Team, 506th Infantry
Fort Campbell, KY -- 2004-current
Republic of Iraq -- 2005-2006
Afghanistan -- 2008-2009
Afghanistan -- 2010-2011
Afghanistan -- 2013-2014


506th Regimental Commanders

Famous Regiment Reactivated on Eve of Deployment: October 2005

Band of Brothers Back for Iraq: October 14, 2005, Associated Press on-line article

506th RCT holds breach course at Craig Village: October 19-20, 2005

Currahees Dedicate OIF Memorial to Fallen: June 12, 2007 article (with photo)

506th RCT Welcomes New Commander: June 22, 2007, article (with photo) about COL Pete Johnson [HHC (BCT CO), 4th BCT, 2007-2009]

Famed 'Screaming Eagles' Prepare for Afghanistan Deployment: January 31, 2008

4th Brigade Combat Team: video by SPC Alex Cook, 4th BCT Public Affairs

Troops Learn New Tactics in Preparation for Afghanistan: March 15, 2008, USA Today on-line article

Press Puts Squeeze on Currahee Leadership: January 15, 2010, Fort Campbell Courier on-line article (with photo)

Currahee Senior Staff Members Get Back to Basics: January 21, 2010, Fort Campbell Courier on-line article (with photo)

Currahees Strengthen Bonds, Resiliency with Weekend Retreat: January 28, 2010, Fort Campbell Courier on-line article

Forward Observers Prepare to Enter the Air Force Realm: February 4, 2010, Fort Campbell Courier on-line article

Chief of Staff Visits Currahees at Fort Campbell: February 5, 2010 article (with photo)

Currahee Teams Take on Military Intel Field Training: February 18, 2010, Fort Campbell Courier on-line article

Currahees Train in BCTC Warfighter Exercise: March 11, 2010, Fort Campbell Courier on-line article includes CSM(R) Charles W. Fitzpatrick [HHC (BN CSM), 1st BN, 506th, 1991-1992]

Awards Presented for Second Quarter: April 15, 2010 article

Currahees Case Colors, Deploy to Afghanistan: July 27, 2010

The Families the Surge Leaves Behind: August 23, 2010, BBC News on-line article (with photos)

Do the Troops Back the Endgame?: August 24, 2010, BBC News on-line article (with photos)

Currahees Case Colors for Deployment: April 11, 2013, www.army.mil article (with photos)

Iraq Deployment: November 2005-November 2006

Currahee Press (506th Regimental Combat Team Newsletter):

The 506th RCT in Iraq

Meritorious Unit:
    - Recommendation
6-page Adobe PDF file
    - Commendation (Army): for Iraq November 2005-October 2006

Infrastructure Projects Changing Minds in East Baghdad: December 16, 2005

‘Ironhorse’ Division assumes responsibility for Baghdad: January 9, 2006, article (with photos)

Polish Army, 506th RCT Commanders Meet: January 31, 2006

MND-Baghdad Leaders Visit Eastern Baghdad Residents: March 9, 2006, article (with photos)

GEN Casey Visits 506th RCT: March 28, 2006, article (with photos)

IED Hits 258th MPs in Baghdad: March 31, 2006

506th Infantry Regiment Soldiers Dedicate Chapels: April 21, 2006, article (with photos)

506th Fires Battalion Brings Easter Cheer to Orphanage: May 4, 2006, article (with photos)

From Currahee to Baghdad: May 18, 2006, The Toccoa Record (GA) on-line article (with photo)

MG Caldwell Visits 506th RCT: June 20, 2006, article (with photos)

Insurgency and Chaos: June 11, 2006, San Francisco Chronicle on-line article includes 506th RCT

Commander Stresses Non-Lethal Targeting in Eastern Baghdad: June 26, 2006

Iraqi Police Free Kidnap Victim: July 12, 2006

Cautious Optimism in Baghdad: September 2, 2006

 How Iraq Came Home to Haunt America: October 22, 2006, Guardian Unlimited (UK) on-line article about COL Thomas D. Vail (CO, 506th RCT, 2004-2007)

A Year in Baghdad: Ironhorse Soldiers Highlighted: November 13, 2006

LTC Paul J. Finken
HHC [CO, Brigade MiTT (Military Transition Team)], 506th RCT, KIA 11/02/06
Sadr City Terrorist Attacks: March 13, 2006
Alarmed by Raids, Neighbors Stand Guard in Iraq: May 10, 2006, The New York Times on-line
Colonel Walks Baghdad 'To Make People Believe': August 21, 2006, USA Today on-line
Officers Killed Side by Side Despite Ban: November 10, 2006
A Soldier’s Requiem, Never Fading Away: January 12, 2013, The New York Times on-line
A Letter to the Finken Family: from MAJ Chris Martinez (HHC, 4th BCT; HHT, 1-61st CAV, 2004-2007) to The New York Times, January 29, 2013

The 3rd Battalion, 67th Armored Regiment, 4th Brigade, 4th Infantry Division
was attached to HHC, 506th RCT and stationed at Camp Rustamiyah.
Currahee Armor Sponsors 'Free Wheelchair' Mission: February 16, 2006, about Troop B
Ceremony Transfers Base Control to Iraqi Army: March 10, 2006, article (with photo)
Basketball with Iraqi Olympic Team: April 30, 2006
Roll Tide Floods Caches: May 19, 2006
Coalition, Iraqi Forces Hinder Terrorist Activities: May 31, 2006
MND-B Soldiers Help Save Local Girl's Life: June 30, 2006
Soldiers Capture High-Value Terrorist: July 23, 2006, about D Company
Soldiers Stop Roadside Bomb: July 28, 2006, about the 3-67th AR and the 519th Military Police Battalion [under tactical control (TACON) of HHC, 506th RCT]
Engineers Clean Roads, Increase Security: July 29, 2006, about E Company
Soldiers Capture High-Value Terrorist: July 29, 2006
Coalition, Iraqi Soldiers Capture Kidnappers, Terrorists, Seize Weapons: August 2, 2006, about C Company
MND-B Soldiers Capture High-Value Terrorist in East Baghdad: August 3, 2006
CF Seize Weapons, Munitions: August 25, 2006
Soldiers Capture High-Value Terrorist: September 2, 2006, about Companies B and D
Soldiers Seize Large Weapons Cache: September 8, 2006, about A Company

In August 2006, the 1st Battalion, 26th Infantry, 2nd Brigade, 1st Infantry Division was
attached to HHC, 506th RCT and stationed at Camp Rustamiyah and FOB Loyalty.
Soldiers Help Adhamiyah Residents: September 20, 2006
506th RCT Conducts Medical Operations in East Baghdad: October 8, 2006, article (with photos)
MND-B Soldiers Kill 38 Terrorists, Wound 9: November 8, 2006
Transfer of Authority for Western Baghdad: November 8, 2006
They Fought for Each Other: The Triumph and Tragedy of the Hardest Hit Unit in Iraq

Afghanistan Deployment: March 2008-March 2009

Combined Joint Task Force - 101: April 8, 2008

Currahees Take Authority of Region: April 11, 2008 article (with photo)

Afghan "Spring Offensive" a Myth: May 9, 2008, Reuters India on-line article about COL Pete Johnson (CO, 4BCT, 506th Infantry)

Off-Road Prototype Vehicles Tested in Afghanistan: June 2008 article (with photo)

Paranoia Over Poisoned Cigarettes Angers Troops: September 7, 2008, Strategy Page article about Task Force Currahee

Classes on New M14 Take Precision Marksmanship to New Levels: September 15, 2008 article (with photos)

US Forces Vow to Fight on Against Taliban: October 9, 2008, Telegraph.co.uk article about Task Force Currahee

'Guard Farmers' Join Counterinsurgency Fight: November 21, 2008

Briefing by COL Pete Johnson: November 21, 2008

Currahee 6 Thanksgiving Letter to Troops: November 27, 2008 Adobe PDF file

Currahee 6 Thanksgiving Letter to Families: November 27, 2008 Adobe PDF file

Fight Continues in East Afghanistan: December 17, 2008

Interview with COL Pete Johnson: December 22, 2008 [Adobe PDF file] by WKDZ-FM Radio, Cadiz, KY (uses Windows Media Player)

Salerno Talent Show Rings in the New Year for Task Force Currahee: December 31, 2008

Letter to Currahee Gold Star Families: January 8, 2009 from COL Pete Johnson [HHC (BCT CO), 4th BCT, 2007-2009]

Paktya PRT Members Receive Combat Patches: February 6, 2009

Afghan Police Update: February 2009: February 26, 2009, The Long War Journal article (with maps)

Securing Afghanistan-Pakistan Border is High Priority: March 6, 2009

US Commander Decries 'Barbaric' Enemy Actions: March 6, 2009

DOD News Briefing with COL Pete Johnson: March 6, 2009

Afghanistan Deployment: August 2010 - August 2011

Currahee Press (4th Brigade Combat Team Newsletter):

Commander Explains Conditions in Regional Command East: July 26, 2010

Currahees Uncase Colors, Take Control of Paktika: September 12, 2010 article (with photos)

Currahees Hold Veteran's Day Remembrance Ceremony: November 11, 2010 article (with photo)

US Soldiers Achieve Gains in Paktika Province: November 18, 2010 article

Afghanistan 'Surge' Troops Appreciate Support from Home: November 19, 2010 article

Women's Health Center Opens in Paktika: November 20, 2010 article

Training Pays Dividends for 4th BCT Soldiers: November 22, 2010 article

TF Currahee Commander Visits the FOBs, COPs in Paktika Province for Thanksgiving Day: November 25, 2010 article

Task Force Currahee Public Affairs Office Gets Back to Basics with ANA PAO: November 26, 2010 article

'Rear D' Moves into High Gear as Tragedy Strikes: December 3, 2010 article

Leaders Meet for Border Coordination Conference: December 12, 2010 article

Star-Studded Tour Entertains Currahee Troops: December 15, 2010 article (with photo)

Families Weather Holidays without Deployed Loved Ones: December 21, 2010 article

TF Currahee Focuses on Physical, Mental Toughness: January 9, 2011 article (with photos)

TF Currahee Tests New Beta Voice-Translation Smart Phones: January 12, 2011 article

Chaplain Shines as TF Currahee's Beacon of Faith: January 12, 2011 article (with photos)

Afghan, US Team Brings Justice Review to Paktika Province: January 20, 2011 article (with photo)

Currahee Receives Books from Band of Brothers' Commander: January 26, 2011 article (with photos)

Currahee Leaders Attend Paktika Peace Conference: January 27, 2011 article (with photos)

Military Working Dogs Join TF Currahee: February 2, 2011 article (with photos)

Super Bowl Mania Grabs Deployed Troops: February 4, 2011 article (with photo)

Currahees Add to Their Weapons Arsenal: February 10, 2011 article (with photos)

Currahee FOs Attend Advanced Course in Germany: February 12, 2011 article (with photo)

LBCC Hosts ANSF and PAKMIL Border Flag Meeting: February 20, 2011 article

Paktika Representatives Attend Security Conference: March 9, 2011 article (with photo)

Currahee Soldiers Learn Aspects of Resiliency: March 11, 2011 article (with photo)

Dixieland Band visits TF Currahee: March 12, 2011 article

TF Currahee Leads Combined Medical Operation: March 15, 2011 article (with photo)

District Leaders Optimistic after Paktika Peace Council: March 19, 2011 article (with photo)

Congressional Delegates Visit TF Currahee: March 23, 2011 article

Security Improves in Afghanistan's Paktika Province: April 8, 2011 article

Army Brigade Commander Visits Wounded Troops: April 8, 2011 article

Stigma of Seeking Help Diminishing: April 8, 2011 article

TF Currahee Discusses Paktika Watershed Program: April 9, 2011 article (with photo)

TF Currahee Reflects on Pressures during National Stress Awareness Month: April 21, 2011 article

TF Currahee Eliminates Enemy Stronghold during Operation Overlord: April 10-21, 2011 article (with photos)

Leaders Visit TF Currahee, Discuss C-IED Operations: April 26, 2011 article

101st Troopers Help Safeguard Paktika Province: April 29, 2011 article (with photos)

TF Currahee Opens FOB Sharana's New Education Center: April 30, 2011 article (with photo)

Task Force Assesses Likely Impact of bin Laden's Death: May 2, 2011 article

Brigade Leaders Cite Value of Intelligence: May 2, 2011 article (with photo)

Chaplains Prepare for Brigade Redeployment: May 6, 2011 article

Currahees Stay Connected on Mother's Day: May 9, 2011 article

New Textbooks Delivered to 5,000 Afghan Students: May 9, 2011 article

TF Currahee Medics/Soldiers Learn Wilderness Medicine: May 20, 2011 article (with photos)

Currahees Celebrate Asian Pacific Heritage Month at FOB Sharana: May 29, 2011 article (with photo)

Currahees Celebrate Memorial Day: May 29, 2011 article (with photo)

Post-Conflict Era to Challenge Military Trainers: May 31, 2011 article

TF Currahee Welcomes US Secretary of Defense: June 6, 2011 article (with photos)

TF Currahee Commemorates D-Day, Remembers Fallen Currahees: June 6, 2011 article (with photos)

TF Currahee Team up with Religious Leaders: June 8, 2011 article

TF Currahee Celebrates US Army's 236th Birthday with BBQ: June 14, 2011 article (with photos)

Currahees Finish Last Resiliency Class of Deployment, Make Reintegration Video for Families: June 25, 2011 article (with photos)

Currahee Celebrates Independence Day: July 4, 2011 article (with photo)

Task Force Currahee OEF X-XI Scrapbook: ordering information (PDF file)

Currahees Celebrate Regiment's 69th Birthday: July 22, 2011 article (with photos)

YouTube Video:

Media Embedded with Soldiers in Task Force Currahee: 1-3/4 minutes; November 2010

Other Video:

Currahee Soldier's Video: 8 minutes

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