4th Brigade Combat Team

Casing of the Colors
February 28, 2008
Fort Campbell, KY

photos from MAJ Pat Seiber (4th BCT Public Affairs Officer, 2007-2009)
4th BCT, 506th INF

4th Brigade Combat Team, 506th Infantry

The day before the color casing ceremony, the Division Parade Field was covered with snow.

2-506th Colors

(Front L-R): LTC John C. Hermeling (Commander of Troops), MAJ Daniel J.
Heape (S4), MAJ Mark H. Johnson (S2); and CPT Timothy Botset (S1)

(Back): Currahee soldiers holding the 2-506th Regimental Flag and the
guidons of the companies of the 1-506th and 2-506th; the 1-506th Regi-
mental Flag is to the left, off-camera.

1-61st CAV

1-61st Cavalry Regimental Flag and company guidons

4-320th FA

4-320th Field Artillery Regimental Flag and company guidons

4th BSTB

4th Brigade Special Troops Battalion Regimental Flag and company guidons

4th BCT Colors

(L-R): COL John P. Johnson (4th BCT Commander) and CSM Timothy D. Coop
(4th BCT CSM)
case the 4th Brigade Combat Team colors in preparation for
the brigade deployment to Afghanistan in March 2008.

In the background, each of the 4th BCT battalions are casing their unit colors.

4-320th FA
(L-R): LTC David J. Ell (BN CO, 4-320th FA) and CSM Victor R. Wilburn
(BN CSM, 4-320th FA) case the 4th Battalion, 320th Field Artillery colors.

506th Regimental Colors

(L-R): COL John P. Johnson (4th BCT Commander) and CSM Timothy D. Coop
(4th BCT CSM)
case the 506th Infantry Regiment colors. The 4th BCT colors
are already cased (beside the US flag).

In the background, the 1-506th and 2-506th colors are already cased.

Casing Complete
Casing of all colors completed

(Far L): Gene Overton (C Co, 1st BN, 1967-1968) represented the 506th Association
at the

(Soldiers L-R):
MG Jeffrey J. Schloesser (Commanding General, 101st Division)
CSM Vincent F. Camacho (CSM, 101st Division)
BG James C. McConville [Deputy Assistant Commander (Support), 101st Division]

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