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Fort Campbell, KY -- 2005-current

506th Reactivation, October 13, 2005  Casing of the Colors, February 28, 2008  Casing of the Colors, July 27, 2010

Republic of Iraq -- 2005-2006

Uncasing Colors, Baghdad, 2006  RIP/TOA, January 2006  Iraq Elections, December 15, 2005  COL Thomas D. Vail in Baghdad HHC, 506th RCT, FOB Loyalty  Warning Notice to Insurgents, November 2006

Additional Iraq photos are included inside the following articles:

‘Ironhorse’ Division assumes responsibility for Baghdad
MND-Baghdad Leaders Visit Eastern Baghdad Residents
GEN Casey Visits 506th RCT
506th Infantry Regiment Soldiers Dedicate Chapels
506th Fires Battalion Brings Easter Cheer to Orphanage
MG Caldwell Visits 506th RCT

Afghanistan -- 2008-2009

Afghanistan 2008-2009 photos are included inside the following articles:

Currahees Take Authority of Region
Off-Road Prototype Vehicles Tested in Afghanistan
Classes on New M14 Take Precision Marksmanship to New Levels

Afghanistan -- 2010-2011

Peace Council Meeting, January 2011  FOB Waza K'wah, January 2011

Additional Afghanistan 2010-2011 photos are included inside the following articles:

Currahees Uncase Colors, Take Control of Paktika
Currahees Hold Veteran's Day Remembrance Ceremony
Star-Studded Tour Entertains Currahee Troops
TF Currahee Focuses on Physical, Mental Toughness
Chaplain Shines as TF Currahee's Beacon of Faith
Afghan, US Team Brings Justice Review to Paktika Province
Currahee Receives Books from Band of Brothers' Commander
Super Bowl Mania Grabs Deployed Troops
Military Working Dogs Join TF Currahee
Currahee Leaders Attend Paktika Peace Conference
Currahee FOs Attend Advanced Course in Germany
Currahee Soldiers Learn Aspects of Resiliency
Paktika Representatives Attend Security Conference
TF Currahee Leads Combined Medical Operation
District Leaders Optimistic after Paktika Peace Council

TF Currahee First to Test 120mm Precision Guided Munitions in Afghanistan
TF Currahee Discusses Paktika Watershed Program
TF Currahee Reflects on Pressures during National Stress Awareness Month

TF Currahee Eliminates Enemy Stronghold during Operation Overlord
101st Troopers Help Safeguard Paktika Province
Brigade Leaders Cite Value of Intelligence
TF Currahee Opens FOB Sharana's New Education Center
TF Currahee Medics/Soldiers Learn Wilderness Medicine
Currahees Celebrate Asian Pacific Heritage Month at FOB Sharana
Currahees Celebrate Memorial Day
TF Currahee Welcomes US Secretary of Defense
TF Currahee Commemorates D-Day, Remembers Fallen Currahees
TF Currahee Celebrates US Army's 236th Birthday with BBQ
Currahees Finish Last Resiliency Class of Deployment, Make Reintegration Video for Families
Currahee Celebrates Independence Day
Currahees Celebrate Regiment's 69th Birthday


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