4th Brigade Combat Team

4th Brigade Special Troops Battalion
4th BCT, 506th INF
Fort Campbell, KY -- 2004-current
Republic of Iraq -- 2005-2006
Afghanistan -- 2008-2009
Afghanistan -- 2010-2011
Afghanistan -- 2013-2014


4th Brigade Special Troops Battalion Insignia

Press Puts Squeeze on Currahee Leadership: January 15, 2010, Fort Campbell Courier on-line article (with photo)

Currahee Ties Help Celebrate Korean New Year: January 28, 2010, Fort Campbell Courier on-line article about LTC Ivan P. Beckman [HHC (BN CO), 4th BSTB, 2009-current]

Currahees Train in BCTC Warfighter Exercise: March 11, 2010, Fort Campbell Courier on-line article includes CSM(R) Charles W. Fitzpatrick [HHC (BN CSM), 1st BN, 506th, 1991-1992]

Awards Presented for Second Quarter: April 15, 2010 article

Currahee Junior Officers Back to School with Lieutenant University: July 22, 2010, Fort Campbell Courier on-line article (with photo)

Currahees Case Colors, Deploy to Afghanistan: July 27, 2010

Iraq Deployment: November 2005-November 2006


Additional articles and photos about the 4th Brigade Special Troops Battalion can be found on
some of the pages of the 506th Regimental Combat Team brigade-level newsletter.

Currahee Press:

The 506th RCT in Iraq

TOA ceremony at Camp Liberty: January 6, 2006

MND-B Soldiers Detain 2 Suspected Terrorists in Connection with Roadside Bomb Attack: February 13, 2006

MND-Baghdad Leaders Visit Eastern Baghdad Residents: March 9, 2006 article (with photos)

GEN Casey Visits 506th RCT: March 28, 2006 article (with photos)

506th Fires Battalion Brings Easter Cheer to Orphanage: May 4, 2006 article (with photos)

Roll Tide Floods Caches: May 19, 2006

Engineers Hunt for Roadside Bombs in East Baghdad: June 19, 2006, article about A Company (Sappers)

MG Caldwell Visits 506th RCT: June 20, 2006 article (with photos)

MND-B Soldiers Find, Disarm IEDs: July 29, 2006 article about A Company (Sappers)

MND-B Soldiers Capture High-Value Terrorist in East Baghdad: August 3, 2006

Shaab, Ur Phase of Operation Together Forward: October 2, 2006 article about Company A, 414th CAB (US Army Reserves, attached to 4th BSTB)

DCG-S Visits Essential Services Project Sites: October 7, 2006 article with photo

4th BSTB Soldiers Find IED During Route Clearance: October 8, 2006 article about A Company (Sappers)

506th RCT Conducts Medical Operations in East Baghdad: October 8, 2006 article (with photos) about 414th CAB (US Army Reserves, attached to 4th BSTB)

Getting Them Home, Quicker: November 13, 2006 article

YouTube Video:

Big Ball: 4-minute comedy; 2006, B Company (Military Intelligence) in Iraq

Afghanistan Deployment: March 2008-March 2009

Army Chief of Staff Visits Troops in Afghanistan: December 22, 2008 article (with photos)

Coalition Troops Seamlessly Provide Support in Afghanistan: February 20, 2009

Afghans Face Obstacles In Securing Pakistan Border: March 4, 2009, NPR Morning Edition report (with photos)

Afghanistan Deployment: August 2010 - August 2011

Currahee Shadow Takes First Combat Flight: September 15, 2010 article (with photos) about B Company (Military Intelligence)

US Soldiers Achieve Gains in Paktika Province: November 18, 2010 article

Afghanistan 'Surge' Troops Appreciate Support from Home: November 19, 2010 article

Training Pays Dividends for 4th BCT Soldiers: November 22, 2010 article

Currahee Receives Books from Band of Brothers' Commander: January 26, 2011 article (with photos)

Sappers Work, Train with ANA on Route Clearing: February 25, 2011 article (with photos) about A Company (Sappers)

Currahee Unites a US Muslim Community with Afghans in Paktika: March 14, 2011 article (with photos) about B Company (Military Intelligence)

ANA Soldiers Recognized for Excellence: March 21, 2011 article about A Company (Sappers)

TF Currahee Reflects on Pressures during National Stress Awareness Month: April 21, 2011 article

Currahee MPs Teach AUP Advanced Skills: May 15, 2011 article (with photo) about HHC (Military Police)

TF Currahee Team up with Religious Leaders: June 8, 2011 article

Currahee Celebrates Independence Day: July 4, 2011 article (with photo)

Task Force Currahee OEF X-XI Scrapbook: ordering information (PDF file)

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