4th Brigade Combat Team

4th Brigade Special Troops Battalion
4th BCT, 506th INF

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Fort Campbell, KY -- 2005-current

4th BSTB, Activation, October 13, 2005  Casing of the Colors, February 28, 2008  Casing of the Colors, July 27, 2010

Republic of Iraq -- 2005-2006

LTG Strock Visit, January 2006  HHC, 4th BSTB, Zafaraniyah, February 2006  A Co, 4th BSTB, February-March 2006  B Co, 4th BSTB, March 2006   A Co, 4th BSTB, February 5, 2006  HHC, 4th BSTB, February-May 2006  Warhawks MP Platoon, June 2006


Additional Iraq photos are included inside the following articles:

MND-Baghdad Leaders Visit Eastern Baghdad Residents
GEN Casey Visits 506th RCT
506th Fires Battalion Brings Easter Cheer to Orphanage
MG Caldwell Visits 506th RCT
DCG-S Visits Essential Services Project Sites
506th RCT Conducts Medical Operations in East Baghdad

Afghanistan -- 2008-2009

A Co, 4th BSTB, September-October 2008

Additional Afghanistan 2008-2009 photos are included inside the following article:

Army Chief of Staff Visits Troops in Afghanistan


Off-Site Afghanistan 2008-2009 Photos
(not maintained by the 506th Association)

On Patrol in Afghanistan: June/July 2008, copyrighted Guardian (UK)
photos of A Co, 4th BSTB during Operation Tangy Valley

Afghanistan -- 2010-2011

AUP Training  Training at FOB Rushmore  COP Munoz Action  COP Munoz Assessment   Operation Polaroid  Paktika Provincial Police Academy

Additional Afghanistan 2010-2011 photos are also included inside the following articles:

Currahee Shadow Takes First Combat Flight
Currahee Receives Books from Band of Brothers' Commander
Sappers Work, Train with ANA on Route Clearing
Currahee Unites a US Muslim Community with Afghans in Paktika
TF Currahee Reflects on Pressures during National Stress Awareness Month

Currahee MPs Teach AUP Advanced Skills
Currahee Celebrates Independence Day


Off-Site Afghanistan 2010-2011 Photos
(not maintained by the 506th Association)

More than 1,000 Afghanistan 2010-2011 photos are on the 4th BCT Facebook Wall.

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