4th Brigade Combat Team


MND-Baghdad Leaders Visit
Eastern Baghdad Residents

BAGHDAD, Iraq, March 9, 2006 - MG J.D. Thurman, commanding general, Multi-National Division - Baghdad, and CSM Ronald Riling, were escorted by 4th Brigade Combat Team, 101st Airborne Division leaders, through a tour of eastern Baghdad, March 1st.

The tour provided Thurman and Riling an opportunity to visit with local residents and gather their viewpoints on essential services and quality of life in their neighborhoods.

They also met with Iraqi army and 4th BCT leaders during on-site discussions in the brigade's sector, including Sadr City.

While visiting residents in Zafarania and the Muhallas, Thurman took advantage of an opportunity to hand out toy animals to excited neighborhood children. LTC Kevin Milton, commander, 4th Battalion, 320th Field Artillery Regiment, introduced Thurman to the residents, who shared their concerns about security and essential services.

During the visit, Thurman assured them the division would provide assistance to help their local leaders resolve their issues.

The leaders accompanying him also listened to the concerns of the residents, while translators kept the dialogue flowing.

On one of the main thoroughfares of east Baghdad, Thurman visited one of the check points used by the Iraqi police to monitor traffic. LTC Mark Bertolini, commander, 3rd Battalion, 67th Armor Regiment (attached to HHC, 506th RCT), described the build up of the check points, using an M1 Abrams tank's front hull as his desk.

He described combined operations with the Iraqi army and how well the Iraqi police perform in screening traffic. Bertolini's tankers patrol portions of the road and provide assistance to the Iraqi Police when they request support.

After a quick lunch, LTC Scott Coy, commander, 801st Brigade Support Battalion, described the mission his Soldiers perform on a daily basis. He said his Soldiers make countless trips to the major supply hubs in the city and that his Soldiers are among the most experienced patrollers in the area.

During a tour through Sadr City, Thurman sat and talked to a group of men near an auto mechanics shop. The men said they wanted electricity supplied to their homes and businesses more consistently.

"We will help you have better security and see the projects through to completion," responded Thurman. "We'll work to improve the availability of electricity and continue working to help finish the water distribution network."

During a tour of the R-3 Water Treatment Facility, located north of Sadr City, engineers showed Thurman the tremendous progress being made.

"This facility will provide million of gallons of clean water to this portion of Baghdad daily," said LTC Chris Hall, commander, 4th Brigade Special Troops Battalion, in talking about when the project is finished later this year. Hall also described how the 19 completed water compact units, as well as the 61 currently being worked on, will provide clean water to Sadr City residents. The project is vital, since the hot summer weather greatly increases demand for drinking water.

"It is important to get the best people to do this," said Thurman, "and I'll be back to check up on what you need periodically."

Thurman also met with MG Jawad, commander of the 2nd Brigade, 6th Iraqi Army Division, and thanked him for his strong leadership in protecting mosques following the bombing of the Samarra Golden Mosque.

LTC Brian Winski, commander, 1st Squadron, 61st Cavalry Regiment, whose Soldiers assist with security in Adhamiyah, described how Jawad's troops helped end a confrontation at a major Sunni mosque and convinced the occupiers to leave without violence. Winski showed the mosque to Thurman so he could see for himself that all was well.

photos by CPT James F. Lowe, 506th RCT PAO
Riling and Davis
CSM Ronald Riling (R), Multinational Division-Baghdad, talks with MAJ Johnnie
Davis [HHC (S3), 506th RCT]
, while conducting a patrol with the 506th RCT soldiers.
Riling accompanied MG J.D. Thurman, commanding general, Multinational Division-
Baghdad, on a tour of eastern Baghdad to meet with the local residents and view
progress of projects in their neighborhoods.

Bertoline, Thurman, & Hall
(R): LTC Mark Bertolini, commander, 3rd Battalion, 67th Armored Regiment,
4th Brigade, 4th Infantry Division
(attached to the 506th RCT), shows the layout
of an Iraqi police checkpoint to (C): MG J.D. Thurman, commanding general,
Multinational Division-Baghdad, on the front deck of an M1 Abrams tank on a
main thoroughfare of east Baghdad, as (L): LTC Christopher Hall (CO, 4th

Riling and Lakin
(C): CSM Ronald Riling, Multinational Division-Baghdad, talks with
(R): CSM Charles Lakin, Jr. (BN CSM, 4-320th FA) while conducting
a patrol with 506th RCT soldiers, March 1, 2006. Riling accompanied
MG J.D. Thurman, commanding general, Multinational Division-Baghdad,
on a tour of eastern Baghdad to meet with the local residents and to view
progress of projects in their neighborhoods.

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