Currahee Song
as sung by the 1st Airborne Battle Group
to the tune of "High above the Chattahoochee near the Upatois"

We Stand Alone

We stand alone, but stand together,
Strong as the mountain Currahee.
First in the fighting,
Victory uniting,
The vanguard of the Infantry!

Lord help the victims of the Sky Train.
Our group will never know defeat.
We are the roughest,
Meanest, the toughest.
The 506th is hard to beat!

Normandy victors,
We jumped
in Zon.
Held firm at Bastogne,
We carried o-o-on!

We stand alone, but stand together,
Go! Go! The Sky Train's on its way.
Hook up, we're ready,
Our aim is steady,
The 506th is here today!
The 506th will win the fray!
The 506th is here to stay!!

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to hear MAJ(R) Paul Allan Cole (E Co, 1st ABG, 1956-1961)
sing the first 2 verses of the Currahee Song

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to hear 1st Airborne Battle Group Currahees sing the
entire song from the original 45 rpm record
(see below)

45 rpm Record Cover from LTC Trevor J. Bredenkamp
(A Co, 1st BN, Commander and Unit Historian, ROK, 1998-1999)

The original tune of "High above the Chattahoochee near the Upatois" had
to do with Infantry School at Fort Benning, GA, the references being to the
Chattahoochee River and the Upatois Creek:

High above the Chattahoochee,
Near the Upatois,
Stands our hallowed Alma Mater -
Benning School for Boys!
Forward ever, backward never,
Winners to the end;
To serve our country is our calling,
Hail! Oh, Hail! Fort Ben!

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