1st Platoon, A Company, 1st Battalion
Vietnam Reunion
Indianapolis, IN - June 22-24, 2001

1st Platoon, Alpha Company, 1st BN, 506th Airborne Infantry (Airmobile) Vietnam Currahees gathered for a Platoon Reunion, June 22-24, in Indianapolis, IN, at the Ramada Inn on Thompson Road, with Pat Hyman "Old Man" and his wife Cheryl as Reunion Hosts. Reunion events included a Welcome Dinner Buffet on Friday evening, June 22; Open House and a BBQ at "Old Man's" house on Saturday, June 23; and a Farewell Brunch Buffet on Sunday morning, June 24. From 15 different states, 29 Vietnam Currahee veterans and 25 family members attended the reunion activities.

photos from Peggy Pearson
Platoon BBQ
Saturday BBQ at Pat Hyman's house
1st Row (sitting L-R): Gary Gallimore "Boo Boo", Mar 70-Nov 70; Karl John Schwarz "Okie", Nov 69-Nov 70; Steve Chapman "Chappy" (3rd Platoon, 1969-1970); Robert Linn "The Finn", Oct 69-Oct 70; Keith Friend "Wonder Boy", Nov 69-Nov 70.
2nd Row (kneeling L-R): John Brown "JB", 1st Platoon LT May 70-Oct 70; Barry Goldsmith "Goldy", Dec 69-Nov 70; Gary George "George of the Jungle", Feb 70-Dec 70; Dan Nightingale "Bulldozer", 1970; Brian Heeg "Pall Mall", Feb 70-Aug 70; Fred May "Grey Ghost", LT for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Platoons and A Company XO, Oct 70-Sep 71; SGT(R) Mike Rogers (3rd Platoon, Feb 70-Mar 70); Pat Hyman "Old Man", Feb 70-Jan 71.
3rd Row (standing L-R): Ted Taraski "Ski", Apr 70-Dec 70; Ray Sowinski "Ski", Jun 70-Aug 71; Jim Wake "Doc", 1970-1971; Hoyt Bruce Moore, III "The MOE", Jun 70-Aug 71; Mike Wilmes "Moose", Feb 70-Apr 71; Gregg Smith, D Co, Oct 70-Dec 70; 1st BN Air Load, Jan 71-Apr 71; Ed Krohe "Crow", Oct 69-Oct 70; Ken Cumbow, Jan 71-Dec 71 (the only person left in 1st Platoon, A/1-506th when Camp Evans was shut down in December 1971); Thomas Waggoner "Waggs", Aug 70-Aug 71; Glen Guidry, Oct 70-Apr 71; Ken Parr, 1970-1971; and Ron Streitilmier "Muskie", 1970-1971.
Not Pictured: Ron Rami "The Italian", Jan 70-May 70; Eugene Kirkbride "Kirk", Jan 71-Dec 71; Tony Cox, D Co, Apr 70-Apr 71; and Gail Puckett, C Co, 3rd BN, Aug 69-Aug 70.

Fallen Company Members Ceremony

John Brown conducted the Fallen Company Members ceremony at the Friday evening
Welcome Dinner: 1st Platoon, A/1-506th KIA Currahees who were remembered were
Gary Fuqua, "Cowboy 1", KIA 3/16/71; SGT Larry Henshaw, "Chief", KIA 5/1/70; Arthur
KIA 9/23/70; Dale Meehan, KIA 6/25/70; Dennis Ritter, KIA 6/25/70; Cecil
KIA 5/23/70; LT Frank Verlihay, Jr., KIA 5/23/70; and Dennis Waszkiewicz,
KIA 3/25/71. 3rd Platoon, A/1-506th KIA Currahees remembered were William Alamed,
Jr.; Billy Greavu; Leonard Keller;
and SGT Lawrence Santinac (all KIA 3/10/70);
and SFC Leon Tetkoski, KIA 4/30/70.

A complete list of A/1-506th Currahees killed in Vietnam is in the Memorials section
of this web site.

Challenge Coin Presentation
Robert Linn receives his Currahee Challenge Coin from Fred May, while Ken Parr
calls out the names of each Currahee attending the Friday evening dinner. Fred personally
purchased for the occasion a Challenge Coin to give to every Currahee attending
the reunion.

Currahee Family Members
Family Members at the Sunday Morning Brunch
1st Row (kneeling L-R): Elaine Gallimore, Dona Wake, Dianne George, Jana Guidry holding Hallie Guidry, Shirley Chapman, Dorothy Brown, Janice Sowinski, and Nancy Linn
2nd Row (standing L-R): Peggy Pearson, Mandy Guidry, Judy Guidry, Freda Goldsmith, Linda Waggoner, Roseann Cumbow, Nancy Heeg, Cheryl Hyman, Jayne Taraski, Beth Miller,
and Nancy Linn
Not Pictured: Debi Rami, Rita Kirkbride, Mickey Friend, Carol Rogers,
and Aaron Streitilmier

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