Screaming Eagle Replacement Training School
Camp Evans, 1970

photos from Chuck Kerr (Medic, C Co, 1st BN, 1970)
Katyusha Rocket Launcher

Russian-made Katyusha Rocket Launcher (122mm) in
front of the SERTS headquarters building at Camp Evans.

Even though only the 506th and 187th were stationed at Camp
Evans, SERTS trained incoming troops for all three brigades
of the 101st Division
before they were assigned to their specific
units. The insignias on the building are of the infantry regiments in
the 101st Division (L-R): 506th (the 3rd BN was in the 1st Brigade,
and the 1st and 2nd BNs were in the 3rd Brigade)
, 327th (1st and 2nd
BNs in the 1st Brigade),
187th (3rd BN in the 3rd Brigade), and 502nd
(2nd BN in the 1st Brigade; 1st BN in the 2nd Brigade). Not shown in the
photo is the insignia of the 501st (1st and 2nd BNs in the 2rd Brigade).

23mm Anti-Aircraft Gun

Russian-made 23mm anti-aircraft gun captured during an incursion into the
A Shau Valley. SERTS was located on the east side of Camp Evans, south
of the main gate, and near the village of Phong Dien. The replacement troops
being trained at SERTS were used for a large part of the Camp Evans perim-
eter guard

In 1968, SERTS had been located at Camp Ray at Bien Hoa.

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