B Company, 2nd Battalion
2003 Airmobile Reunion
August 22-23, 2003
Country Inn - Waukesha, WI

photos by Steve Benesh
At Reunion Hotel
Front Row (L-R): Don Thies, Anita Klamm (sister of Gary Fiedler, KIA 4/5/71), Richard
Fiedler (brother of Gary Fiedler), Don Speet, Chris Garrett, Gary Woldanski
Middle Row (L-R): Ben Peters, Carl Haff, Keith Harold
Back Row (L-R): Allen Boyd, Uwe Meyer, Paul Larson, Carl Jensen

Front Row (L-R): Beverly Garrett, Lillian Peters, Pat Haff, Joyce Thies, Christy Speet
Middle Row (L-R):
Diane Meyer, Gloria Woldanski
Back Row (L-R):
Patty Larson, Paula Harold, Carol Jensen

Reunion Attendees
Front Row (L-R): Allen Boyd, Ben Peters, Lillian Peters, Bruce Klamm, Anita Klamm
(sister of Gary Fiedler)
Richard Fielder (brother of Gary Fiedler), Uwe Meyer, Diane Meyer,
Don Thies, Joyce Thies
Back Row (L-R):
Paul Larson, Patty Larson, Chris Garrett, Beverly Garrett, Carl Haff,
Pat Haff, Keith Harold, Paula Harold, Carl Jensen, Carol Jensen, Gloria Woldanski,
Gary Woldanski, Christy Speet, Don Speet

CP Group
Front Row (L-R): Joyce Thies, Lillian Peters, Christy Speet, Carol Jensen
B Co, 2nd BN, 506th, 1970-1971 CP Group:
Middle Row (L-R): Don Thies (RTO), Ben Peters (CPT), Don Speet (LT Artillery FO),
Carl Jensen (CPT).
Back Row (L-R): Chris Garrett (RTO), Beverly Garrett

Reunion Cake

Reunion Cake

Dinner in the Somerset Room
In line at the buffet dinner in the Somerset Room (L-R): Uwe Meyer, Keith
Harold, Allen Boyd, Pat Haff, Carl Haff, Gloria Woldanski, Gary Woldanski

Plaque of Appreciation

(L-R): Natalie Braun (niece of Gary Fiedler and family contact), Don Thies, Michael
Stevens (Wisconsin State Historical Society), Anita Klamm (sister of Gary Fiedler)

B Co, 2nd BN, 506th, 101st presented Michael Stevens and the Wisconsin State
Historical Society a plaque for his and their efforts in helping find the family of Gary
Fiedler and for their work in producing the book Voices from Vietnam (Voices of
the Wisconsin Past)

B Company Officers
B Company officers and their wives:
(Front Row L-R): CPT Ben Peters, Lillian Peters, Christy Speet, LT Don Speet (Artillery FO)
(Back Row L-R)
: LT Allen Boyd (2nd Platoon), Carol Jensen, CPT Carl Jensen,

photos from Donald Thies (B Co, 2nd BN, 1970-1971)
Reunion Hospitality Suite

In the Reunion Hospitality Suite: Patty Larson, Beverly Garrett,
Ben Peters, Chris Garrett, Uwe Meyer, Diane Meyer

Viewing Vietnam Photos
(Sitting L-R): Don Speet, showing his Vietnam photos which he had scanned and put onto his laptop,
Allen Boyd (2nd Platoon), Paula Harold
(Standing L-R): Gloria Woldanski, Gary Woldanski, Carl Jensen, Keith Harold, Christy Speet

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