Currahee Battle Flags
in Afghanistan


Currahee Battle Flags were presented by the 506th Association to all 30 companies/troops/
batteries; and the brigade and all battalion/squadron headquarters of the entire 4th Brigade
Combat Team, 506th Infantry, during their 2008-2009 deployment to Afghanistan.

Anyone may purchase one of these flags from the 506th Association via US Mail. ALL profits
from the sale of these Flags are donated to the
Widows, Orphans & Wounded Soldiers Fund.


CTF Currahee HQ

From CSM Timothy D. Coop (4th BCT CSM):
Here is our new Battle Flag being flown over CTF Currahee HQs on FOB Salerno,
. I want to thank the Association for their love and support. Our warriors
love this flag and are asking every day how they can get one.

Camp Altamur

From 1SG Christopher Lococo (A Co, 4th BSTB):
August 31, 2008:
Currahee 6, COL Johnson delivered to us a 506th Association Flag
today. I first would like to thank you for this gift. We are proudly flying here at COP
Altamur in Logar Province, Afghanistan
. I have enclosed pictures of the flag flying
strong. Please accept my heart filled thanks for this. Currahee! Sappers lead the way!

COP Spera
photo from SFC Caesar Llanez, A Co, 2nd BN, 506th

FOB Spera

FOB Tillman

From 1SG Roosevelt Whetstone (B Co, 2nd BN, 506th):
August 26, 2008:
My company is now at FOB Tillman, Afghanistan. So far we've
been very busy protecting the freedom of the Afghan people. My Brigade Commander,
COL John P. Johnson and CSM Timothy Coop came to my FOB last week. To my
surprise, before they left he presented to me and my CDR (CPT David Conner) a
CURRAHEE flag. I don't need to tell you how excited we were. We immediately
unfolded it and flew it within an hour. We're standing on the shoulders of you and all
of the veterans that served in the 506th CURRAHEE before us. Lastly, I want to say
thank you. The CURRAHEE flag is the centerpiece of our FOB. We will fly it until
the day we depart this country.

FOB Boris

From 1SG Kerry N. Bassett (C Co, 2nd BN, 506th):
September 2, 2008:
We are currently in East Paktika Province Afghanistan. COL Johnson, 4BCT CDR
and CSM Coop, BDE CSM, arrived today bearing your gift to the unit. Genuine thanks from all the Soldiers
in the unit. We (CPT Gallagher and I) are in communication with many veterans including COL(R) Bob Sietz,
Gary Gilliam, Bob VonAlmen and several others. We have included them in many unit activities, including a
Dining In following our last Iraq rotation in which COL Sietz was the guest speaker.

We had been, since assuming our position on FOB Boris, flying the blue CURRAHEE flag with the National
Colors and the C/2-506th Flag. That flag was presented to the unit at the [2005] reactivation ceremony by
COL(R) Seitz and Gary Gilliam. It has been present at all major unit functions (re-enlistments, promotions, etc.)
I personally sent pictures to the REGT ASSOC from Iraq during our last deployment. It means a great deal to
this generation's CURRAHEEs, and we will continue to attempt to uphold the legacy given us by you and your
ellow CURRAHEE troops.

Sincere thanks go out to all who made this happen. We will never forget your sacrifices; you are truly great
Americans. We will fly the Battle Flag daily and reflect on what it means to be a CURRAHEE. Please pass
on our thanks to all the members of the ASSOCIATION.

COB Zormat

From SSG Matthew Hembree (A Troop, 1-61st CAV):
September 14, 2008:
We are the Reconnaissance Surveillance Targeting
Acquisition Battalion of the 506th Regimental Combat Team. This is a picture
of the Currahee Flag flying over COP Zormat in Afghanistan.

Mandozayi, Afghanistan

Mandozayi District, Khost Province

From 1SG Glen Coleman (D Co, 2nd BN, 506th):
September 22, 2008:
On behalf of the entire unit I would like to take this opportunity
to thank you for the Currahee Battle Flag. We will display it proudly and always strive
to uphold the traditions of all Currahees, past and present.

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