Currahee Battle Flag


3 x 5 Currahee Battle Flag

Available as either a single-sided or a double-sided flag

3-foot x 5-foot superknit polyester one-sided flag (design is visible from both sides) with
heading and grommets.

3 foot x 5 foot superknit double sided flag with heading and grommets. The design is exactly
the same on both sides, therefore the wording can be read from either side, unlike the single-
sided flag. This flag is much heavier than the single sided flag and takes more wind to make it fly. is the supplier of these flags,
which are sold exclusively by the 506th Association

Since the 4th Brigade Combat Team, 506th Infantry Regiment includes infantry troops
along with cavalry, artillery and support troops, it was suggested that the original Currahee Flag
did not fully represent all units in the Brigade.

In 2008, working with the Commander of the 4th Brigade, the 506th Association came up with
a new design, which incorporated a modern theme, with elements from WWII and Vietnam.

In 2008-2009, Currahee Battle Flags were presented by the 506th Association to:

In 2010-2011, Currahee Battle Flags were presented by the 506th Association to:

  • All 30 companies/troops/batteries of the entire 4th Brigade Combat Team, 506th
    for their deployment to Afghanistan
  • The brigade and all battalion headquarters, both in Afghanistan and at Fort Campbell
  • Currahee KIA family members who attended the monthly Eagle Remembrance
    Ceremony at Fort Campbell
  • All Currahee WIA who were visited by 506th Association Representatives in hospitals
    throughout CONUS

The Widows, Orphans & Wounded Soldiers Fund provides the money required to support
KIA and WIA flag presentations and the Hospital Visitation Teams. The Currahee Packages
purchased the flags given to the active duty troops.

Check out the 506th Association Fund-Raising Projects web page to learn more about these and
other charitable funds run by the 506th Association.

Anyone may purchase one of these flags from the 506th Association via US Mail. ALL profits
from the sale of these Flags are donated to the
Widows, Orphans & Wounded Soldiers Fund.

photo from CSM(R) Joseph Bossi [HHC (Recon), 1st BN, 506th, 1965-1966]
2008 Eindhoven Liberation Parade
(L): CSM(R) Joseph Bossi, 506th Association Honorary CSM, holding the
Currahee Battle Flag which he carried in the annual Eindhoven Liberation Parade,
September 18, 2008, and later presented to the Dutch people, on behalf of the
506th Association, during a
ceremony at the Eindhoven City Hall.

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