The 506th Airborne Infantry Regiment Association
(Airmobile-Air Assault)


Established by
SFC(R) Joseph F. Foster, Jr.
(HHC, 2nd BN, 1969-1970)
and SSG(R) Melissa D. Snock

1. Purpose: to provide financial aid to students attending undergraduate or graduate programs at colleges and universities in the
United States of America.

2. Eligibility Requirements:

a. The applicant or the applicant's parent, grandparent, spouse, or sibling must have served with the 506th Infantry.
b. The applicant must be accepted at or already attending the Institution to which this scholarship money will be sent.

3. Application Procedure:

a. No formal application form is used, but be sure to include the following information:

Applicant Name
Postal Address
eMail Address
Telephone Number

b. The application shall consist of a typed letter in which the applicant will discuss the following subjects:

i. Personal achievements
ii. Career objectives
iii. Any subject the applicant considers relevant

c. The application and documentation shall be mailed between January 1 and April 30 to

The 506th Scholarship Committee
c/o Alfred May
30 Sweetman Lane
West Milford, NJ 07480-2933

4. Required Documentation:

a. Some form of written proof of paragraph 2a or a written statement explaining why such proof cannot be obtained.
Do not send original documents, as they cannot be returned. Photocopies of these documents will be accepted.
b. A High School Transcript if the applicant has not completed one year of College. If the applicant has completed one
year of College, a College Transcript is required in lieu of a High School Transcript.
c. Some form of written proof of paragraph 2b.

5. Helpful, but Not Required, Documentation:

a. A photocopy of the applicant's Student Aid Report (SAR), containing the Estimated Family Contribution (EFC)
b. A photo copy of the Financial Aid Package Letter from the Institution the applicant will attend.
c. A statement from the applicant, detailing how family income or circumstances has kept the applicant from receiving
other scholarship, grant, or loan funds.
d. Any other information the applicant considers relevant.

6. Criteria Used for Awarding the 506th Infantry Scholarship:

a. Overall academic excellence of the applicant
b. Financial need
c. Quality of the Institution the applicant has chosen to attend

7. Scholarship Committee:

a. The committee shall consist of three members, one of which shall be appointed as Chairman by the 506th
Association President.
b. All committee member appointments are subject to the approval of a majority of the Board of Directors.

8. Timing and Amount of Scholarship:

a. The amount of money awarded will be decided by the Scholarship Committee and published at the same time as the
call for Scholarship Applications.
b. A Scholarship will not be offered in any year during which the majority of the Scholarship Committee members decide
that the accumulated funds are not adequate for an Award. Therefore, the Scholarship may be awarded on an irregular

9. Scholarship Decision:

a. The three Scholarship Committee members vote.
b. The winner must receive at least two votes.
c. If, in the opinion of the Committee, there are no worthy applicants, the Scholarship will not be awarded, and the
amount of the unawarded Scholarship shall be retained for the next Scholarship call.
d. The decision of the Committee is final.

10. Requirements for the Scholarship Winner:

a. Provide the name, address, and telephone number for a contact person at the Institution the winner will attend who
will be responsible for receiving the Scholarship check.
b. Agree to have their name and hometown released for publication in any way the committee sees fit.
c. Write a thank-you letter to the 506th Association, which may be published in The Currahee newsletter and/or on
the Association web site.

11. Rescinding of the Scholarship:

a. If the Scholarship winner cannot or does not comply with all items in Paragraph 10, this award will be withdrawn,
and may be given to another applicant.
b. If it is found that any information provided by the Scholarship winner was not truthful, then the award may be
withdrawn and given to another applicant.

12. Non-Renewal of Scholarship:

a. This Scholarship is for one academic year.
b. No person may win this Scholarship a second time.

13. Changing Scholarship Operating Procedures:

a. Any rule listed herein may be changed by a vote of the Scholarship Committee.
b. All three Committee members must agree to any rule changes.
c. Committee-approved rule change(s) must then be approved by a majority vote of the Board of Directors.

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