The 506th Airborne Infantry Regiment Association
(Airmobile-Air Assault)

Widows, Orphans, and Wounded Soldiers Fund

Established by Thomas G. Lee
(CSC, 1st BN, 1987-1988)

1. Purpose: To provide financial assistance to living, current and former Currahees or family members of active-
duty Currahees killed, wounded, or missing in action who have served with the 506th Infantry Regiment or a
supporting unit as defined in the Association by-laws (hereafter referred to as the UNIT).

2. Eligibility Requirements:

a. The recipient or the recipient's parent, child or spouse must have served in the Unit.
b. The recipient must be on active duty and have served in a combat zone. Or, the recipient, the recipient's
parent, child or spouse must be listed as either killed in action, missing in action or wounded in action
while serving in the Unit.

3. Application Procedure:

a. No formal application form is used.
b. A third party may nominate someone for an award.
c. The application shall consist of a typed letter in which the applicant will discuss the following subjects:

i. The name, rank, service number and unit of the KIA/MIA/WIA.
ii. The family relationship of the recipient to the KIA/MIA/WIA.
iii. Financial need of the recipient.
iv. Any subject the applicant considers relevant

d. The application and documentation shall be mailed or emailed to:

The 506th Infantry Regiment Association Widows and Orphans Fund
c/o Alfred May
30 Sweetman Lane
West Milford, NJ 07480-2933

4. Required Documentation: Some form of written proof of paragraph 2a or a written statement explaining why such
proof cannot be sent. Do not send original documents, as they cannot be returned. Photocopies of these documents will
be accepted.

5. Helpful, but Not Required, Documentation:

a. A statement from the applicant, detailing how family income or circumstances has kept the applicant from
achieving his/her goals.
b. Any other information the applicant considers relevant.

6. Criteria Used for Awarding Assistance from the Widows and Orphans Fund: Financial need

7. Widows and Orphans Fund Committee:

a. The Committee shall consist of three members, one of which shall be appointed as Chairman by the 506th
Association President.
b. All committee member appointments are subject to the approval of a majority of the Board of Directors.

8. Timing and Amount of Award:

a. The timing and amount of money awarded will be decided by the Widows and Orphans Fund Committee.
b. Widows and Orphans Fund assistance will not be offered in any year during which the majority of the
Widows and Orphans Fund Committee agree that the accumulated funds are not adequate for an award.
Therefore, assistance may be awarded on an irregular basis. If an award is applied for or made, the infor-
mation will be reported to the Board of Directors.

9. Widows and Orphans Fund Award Decisions:

a. All Widows and Orphans Fund Committee members will discuss any applications.
b. An application must receive a majority vote of the Committee for an award to be issued.
c. The amount of any award will be determined by a majority vote of the Committee.
d. The decision of the Committee is final.

10. Requirements for the Award Recipient:

a. Provide the name, address and telephone number of the person who will receive the assistance check.
b. Agree to have their name and hometown released for publication in any way the Committee sees fit.
c. If a thank-you letter to the 506th Association is written, it may be published in The Currahee newsletter
and on the Association website.

11. Rescinding of the Award:

a. If the assistance recipient cannot or does not comply with all items of Paragraph 10, this award may be
withdrawn and may be given to another applicant.
b. If it is found that any information provided by the assistance recipient was not truthful, then the award
may be withdrawn and given to another applicant.

12. Changing Widows and Orphans Fund Operating Procedures:

a. Any rule listed herein may be changed by a majority vote of the Fund Committee.
b. Committee approved rule change(s) must then be approved by a majority vote of the Board of Directors.

This document was revised on 11/15/10.

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