1997 Currahee Veterans Reunion
July 29-31, 1997
Knoxville, TN

After-Action Report

Issued by Gene Overton/Bob Acklen/Brise Bickerton

The Currahee Reunion held in Knoxville, Tennessee was by all indications, a great success. The Password at this year's Reunion was "FUN".

The total number of attendees was 124 to include 68 veterans that stretched across the entire existence of the Regiment. The largest group of Troopers was 39 from the WW II Era (PIR); followed by 25 Troopers from the Vietnam Era (Airborne/Airmobile). It should be noted that two companies were well represented, Company F 2nd BN (PIR) had 10 Troopers attending and Company A 3rd BN (VN) had 6 Troopers attending; these were the two largest group of Currahee veterans at the Reunion.

A major surprise and a key highlight of the Reunion was that a current active duty Trooper, Captain Donn Hill (Company D, Commander), was sent by 1st Battalion (Air Assault) Commander LTC Mark A. Milley all the way from Camp Greaves, Republic of Korea. Captain Hill is currently the senior ranking Company Commander in the Battalion (two years). In my conversations with Capt. Hill it was obvious that he was bitten by the Currahee bug; as he did not spend the usual one year commanding a line company but managed to spend a little over two years as Company D Commander.

On Tuesday, July 29th, forty-two (42) people took advantage of the planned Riverboat Cruise/Dinner, which turned out really nice. After we had dinner we kicked back and enjoyed a guitar player/singer (who sang request tunes) as well as the beautiful view along the Tennessee River. After the Riverboat Cruise the Reunion Hospitality Room was open; and stayed open not only for the three days of your Reunion which ending on Thursday, July 31st; but until Saturday, August 2nd, the close of the 101st Airborne Division Association Reunion

On Wednesday, July 30th, a small number of people turned out for our Reunion Reception Party, about thirty-five (35); but those who attended had a good time. The Knoxville Hilton Hotel provided a cake with the Regimental Crest. The 1st piece was cut by Bob Young (Honorary Regimental Command Sergeant Major) and Capt. Donn Hill.

On Thursday, July 31st, a General Membership Meeting was held in the morning where a total of twenty-eight (28) attended. Discussions were held as to the location of the 506th Infantry Regiment Association's next Reunion (1998). Joe Crawford (HQ PIR), Frank Palys (HQ PIR) and John Reeder (HQ PIR) talked about the great Reunion held in Reno, Nevada in 1992 and it didn't take long for the members to agree that the 1998 Currahee Veterans Reunion will be held in Reno, July 16 to 18, 1998.

In the evening, a total of 118 attended the Five-O-Sink Unit Memorial Dinner; included were two of our Dutch Airborne Friends, Jan Coolen and Piet Tilluart. We conducted our Candle Lighting Memorial Ceremony followed by a great meal provided by the Hotel. Our Guest Speaker was Captain Donn Hill, Company Commander, D 1st Bn 506th Infantry (Air Assault), Camp Greaves, Republic of Korea. All had a great time even though the Hotel botched-up by not having a Bar open during the evening. After the dinner a large group continued having a good time by meeting in the Hospitality Room.

Five-O-Sink Unit Memorial Dinner


Special Thanks to the following individuals for all their help during the Reunion:

  • Jim and Debbie Stinebaker - HHC 2nd Bn '68, for running/managing the Reunion Hospitality Room with aid from:
  • Wynn Wilson - C 3rd Bn - VN;
  • Resty Habon - HHC 1st Bn '65 to '67;
  • Lou Baldasty - A 2nd Bn '66 to '67;
  • J. Lynn Smith - Recon 2nd Bn - VN.
  • Joe Beyrle - I 3rd Bn - PIR for his help in organizing the Reunion.
  • George Rosie - HQ 3rd Bn - PIR for his advise and wisdom.
  • Marilyn Overton for helping run the Reunion Welcome Table in the Hotel Lobby.
  • Captain Donn Hill - CO, D 1st Bn '95 to Present for demonstrating to us that the Currahee Spirit is still alive today.
  • LTC Mark A. Milley - Current CO, 1st Bn for finding a way send a member of the active Battalion to this year's Reunion; hopefully this can continue in the future.
  • Members who Volunteered to aide us by joining the following Committees:
  1. Reunion Committee:
    Resty Habon - HHC 1st Bn '65 to '67
    Sam Knipmeyer - B 2nd Bn '71
    Doug Mullens - C 3rd Bn - VN
    Jim Stinebaker - HHC 2nd Bn '68.
  2. Membership Committee:
    Ken Parr - A 1st Bn - VN
    Richard Pullens - A 3rd Bn - VN.
  3. Currahee Home Page Committee:
    J. Lynn Smith - Recon 2nd Bn - VN

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