2012 Currahee Reunion
Hilton Garden Inn, Columbus, GA
May 2-5, 2012

Status of Photos Ordered from Robert E. Good
at the 2012 Currahee Reunion in Columbus, GA

Issued by Gene Overton (C Co, 1st BN, 1967-1968)

This message is for all who had photographs taken by and ordered from the outside photographer, Robert E. Good at our last Reunion. After noting that the photographs were not available as promised, the Association investigated and determined that Mr. Good has not performed and has declared bankruptcy.

As background, Photographs ordered were to be available for purchase on or about July 15, 2012, from SeeMyPrints.com. Also, prepaid photos were to be mailed at the same time. On Monday, July 9th, Gene Overton phoned Mr. Good to determine if he was on schedule. Gene was informed by Mr. Good that everything would be completed no later than the end of July.

Next is a sequence of actions taken when it became clear that photos were not posted online:
·Starting on August 5th, Gene left numerous phone voicemails and sent follow-up emails. None were answered.
·Reunion attendees who pre-paid for photos began contacting the Association in mid-August inquiring if the Association had any idea when Mr. Good would be mailing their purchased photos.
·The Association reached out at the end of August to Ken Parr [former Board Member of the Association] who lives in Ohio about a two hour drive from Mr. Good. Ken, while he was unable at the time to drive down to Mr. Good’s location, had a close business contact try to locate Mr. Good’s at his place of business and talk to him on our behalf. It was learned that Mr. Good worked out of his home. Next, Ken contacted the Circleville Chamber of Commerce, where it was learned that Mr. Good (who does photography work for them and prepares their newsletter) had not been seen for months and they too had not been able to contact him.
·At this point, it was determined that the Association's next course of action would be to contact the Circleville Police Department and see what action could be taken against Mr. Good. We were informed by the Police that his actions are not considered to be a criminal offense, but rather a civil matter which would have to be pursued in civil court as a small claims action.
·During the discussion with the Police, it was revealed that another veterans organization (the Veterans of Underage Military Service) had been in contact with them as well,. The police provided the contact information for their National Commander - William C. Morgan. Mr. Morgan was contacted and informed us that his organization had a reunion in April and has also not received the promised and paid for photographs. Mr. Morgan even went as far as getting a police escort and actually visiting Mr. Good’s home. Mr. Good was not home but Mr. Morgan did speak to his wife who informed him that Robert was in financial difficulty and had filed for bankruptcy.
·The Association then reached out to Mike Bookser, a former Board Member of the Association and a retired suburb of Pittsburgh Police Chief. He was able to confirm the statements made above by the Circleville Police on this matter. He also conferred with his son, an attorney, that each attendee who made a prepayment would have to individually file a small claims action in civil court. However, since Robert has already filed for bankruptcy, there may be little hope of any type of recovery for small amounts of money.

We are sorry to have to report that it appears little can be done to recover your money paid to Mr. Good. However, for your reference his address is: Robert E. Good, 451 North Court Street, Circleville, Ohio 43113-3202.

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