2004 Camp Toccoa Paratroopers Reunion
October 7-10
Toccoa, GA

photos from Joe Rice
Reunion Poster

Reunion Poster

Mario J. Patruno
Mario J. Patruno (F Co, 2nd BN, 506th PIR, 1942-1945) with a sign from a Toccoa Airfield kiosk.
Mario participated in the reunion jump and said that he landed about a mile from town.

Jake McNiece and Pathfinders

CENTER: Jake McNiece [HQ, REGT (acting SGT, Demolition "Filthy 13"), 506th PIR, 1942-1945] and
author of the book The Filthy 13, from the Dustbowl to Hitler's Eagle's Nest, the 101st Airborne's
Most Legendary Squad of Combat Paratroopers: the True Story of "The Dirty Dozen"

Jake made 4 combat jumps during WWII:
- Normandy
[HQ, REGT, 506th PIR (Demolition;"Filthy 13")]
- Holland (HQ, REGT, 506th PIR)
Resupply of Bastogne (Pathfinder, 101st Airborne Division)
- Operation Varsity, Germany
(Pathfinder; jumped with 17th Airborne Division)

(L-R): SPC Hall, SFC Burgoyne, SFC Rowe, and SSG Stancil
(all from the
5th Ranger Training Battalion at Camp Frank D. Merrill)

Helwig, Laguna, & Perry
At the Toccoa Airfield, (L-R): Ron Helwig (B Co, 1st ABG, 1960-1962),Octavio Laguna
(C Co, 2nd BN, 1964-1966),
and Doug Perry (Retired Ranger, US Mountain Ranger Association)

Agnew, Jenrette, and McNiece

(L-R): Jack Agnew, CPT Jenrette (S-3 5th Ranger Training Battalion), and Jake McNiece

Both Agnew and McNiece were members of the "Filthy 13", HQ (Demolition), REGT, 506th PIR
on D-Day and were Pathfinders for the Resupply of Bastogne.


Ranger Demonstrations -- (L): parachute is MC1-1D; (R): ranger extraction

Ranger Stick

506th PIR veterans Jack Agnew and Jake McNiece with a stick from the 5th Ranger Training Battalion

(Back Row L-R): SSG Nail, SGT Ball, SPC Lukesh, SGT Martin, SGT Benyo, CPT Jenrette
(Front Row L-R): SFC Burgoyne, Jack Agnew, SSG Johnson, Jake McNiece

Doc Lovy
Andrew "Doc" Lovy, D.O. (HHC, 3rd BN Surgeon, 1967-1968) signs his book, Combat Surgeon in Vietnam,
during the Friday afternooon veterans book signing held at the Cornerstone Antique Market.

MAJ(R) Freeman Dallas, Jr.

MAJ(R) Freeman Dallas, Jr. [HHC (S4), 3rd BN, 1967-1968]

Start of 10K
At the start of 10K Currahee Challenge on Saturday morning: Joe Rice, Doc Lovy,
SFC(R) Don Bigelow [C/E/HHC (Medic), 3rd BN, 1967-1968]
and David Rattee
[cousin of
SGT Carl Allen Rattee (A Co, 3rd BN, KIA 2/19/68)], from Manchester, England.
Doc came in 1st in his age group, and Joe came in 2nd in his age group.

COL Chinn and Joe Rice
COL Chinn (Commander, Ranger Training Brigade at Fort Benning, GA) and Joe Rice at the
end of the 10K Currahee Challenge. According to Joe, "COL Chinn left us in the dust
on the run up Currahee Mountain and back."

Legg, Freakley, and Flohr

Attending the Saturday evening banquet/ceremonies at the Georgia Baptist Conference
were (L-R): SGM Legg (5th Ranger Training Battalion), BG Benjamin C. Freakley
(Commander, US Army Infantry Center/Commandant, US Army Infantry School and Chief of Infantry,
Fort Benning, GA)
and LTC Flohr (5th Ranger Training Battalion).

In 1976-1979, Freakley served in B/A/CSC, 1st BN, 506th (Air Assault) at Fort Campbell.

Miller & Freakley
photo from Ronald Helwig (B Co, 1st ABG, 1960-1962)
At the banquet, (R) BG Benjamin C. Freakley invited (L) Paul R. Miller (Surgical Medic,
HQ, REGT, 506th PIR, 1942-1945)
to Fort Benning, GA to pin jump wings on the graduating
class of D Company, 1st Battalion, 507th Infantry Airborne School on December 3, 2004.

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