2001 Static Line Awards Banquet
Atlanta, GA - April 7, 2001

photos from Mike Bookser (B/E Co, 1st BN, 1969-1970)
506th Man of the Year

Since 1977, in April, Don Lassen (505th PIR, 82nd Division, WWII), founder, editor, and publisher of The Static Line monthly newspaper, has hosted an Airborne Awards Festival with representatives present from all Airborne Units and Organizations. This year's event occurred April 4-7, with an Airborne Awards Ceremony on Saturday evening, April 7th. Don asks each Unit or Organization to designate an individual to be decorated for their outstanding contributions for the past year.

"For the 506th Association, the Board of Directors unanimously voted that Michael C. Bookser (B/E Co, 1st BN, 1969-1970), be named the Association's Man of the Year for his efforts with the Currahee web site, which continues to improve and attract attention to the Association. Mike's dedication deserved this token of appreciation and recognition for promoting the Currahee spirit." [Gene Overton (C Co, 1st BN, 1967-1968), President, 506th Association]

Ross Perot and Color Guard
101st Airborne Division (Air Assault) color guard, wearing uniforms
spanning eras from the Revolutionary War to today, and Ross Perot,
guest speaker for the awards banquet and Airborne Man of the Year.
"The Man of the Year for the year 2000 was a man whose contributions
to the Airborne and the Armed Forces have made him a legend to
American Service Men and Women all over the world."
(The Static Line, May 2001)

Lassen and Bookser

Don Lassen presenting the 506th Association Man of the Year award to Michael C. Bookser.

Dingman, Dunning, and Bookser
(L-R): Harry Dingman, Jr. (I Co, 3rd BN, 506th PIR, 1944-1945); Robert C. Dunning
(HQ, 3rd BN, 506th PIR, 1942-1945); and Michael C. Bookser.

Bob Dunning was a member of the Return to Normandy Association, a group of
WWII paratroopers who parachuted at Amfreville, France, on June 5, 1994,
at the 50th year commemoration of the Normandy landings.

Bookser and Byerle

(L-R): Michael C. Bookser and Joseph R. Beyrle, Sr. (I Co, 3rd BN, 506th PIR, 1942-1945).
Joe's WWII experiences are chronicled in the bookThe Simple Sounds of Freedom/
Behind Hitler's Lines
by Thomas H. Taylor, son of GEN Maxwell Taylor, 101st Airborne
Division Commander.

Other 506th Currahees attending the Static Line Awards Festival, but not pictured, were
Gene Cook (B Co, 1st BN, 506th PIR)
Richard E. Turner (B Co, 1st BN, 506th PIR)
Robert Stinson (B Co, 1st BN, 506th PIR)
Stanley Soter (B Co, 1st BN, 506th PIR)

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