General Orders Number 104
Award of Bronze Star Medal
HQ, 101st Airborne Division - June 21, 1945

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NOTE: the original orders contained the Army Serial Number for everyone on the list;
however, these numbers have been removed to protect the privacy of those listed.

These orders do not indicate in which Parachute Infantry these men served. However,
the following have been identified as serving in the 506th PIR:

SGT John N. Boitano (B Co, 1st BN)
1SG Troy D. Graham (HQ, 2nd BN)
PFC Fay N. Loveland (HQ, 2nd BN)
PFC Pablo Z. Martinez (D Co, 2nd BN)
PFC James M. McClure (Medical Detachment)
T/5 George A. McKinlay (Medical Detachment)
CPL Andrew Medwig [HQ (LMG Platoon), 2nd BN]
T/4 William J. Maslowski [HQ (Communications), 2nd BN]
T/5 Sherman W. Merritt (D Co, 2nd BN)
PFC Steve Mihok (HQ, 2nd BN)
T/5 Joseph J. Molnar (Medical Detachment)
T/4 Charles E. Monroe (HQ, REGT)
SGT Angelo S. Montrella (A Co, 1st BN; POW 12/19/44)
T/5 Frank M. Mullesch (SVC)
CPL Robert J. Noody (F Co, 2nd BN)
T/4 Jack J. O'Leary (HQ, 2nd BN)
T/5 Marshall C. Oliver (Medic, B/A Co, 1st BN; E Co, 2nd BN)
PFC William E. Patterson (HQ, 2nd BN)
SGT Walter L. Ponder [HQ (LMG Platoon), 2nd BN]
T/4 Louis F. Poulin (Medical Detachment)
PFC John A. Powers (A Co, 1st BN)
PFC Ralph H. Pringle (SVC)
SGT Hugh E. Pritchard, Jr. (D Co, 2nd BN)
PFC Robert B. Reeves [HQ, REGT (Demolition)]
PVT John Retta (HQ, 2nd BN)
SGT Charles E. Richards (H Co, 3rd BN)
CPL Leonard E. Riley (HQ, 2nd BN)
CPL Henry R. Ritter, Jr. [HQ (Medical), 3rd BN]
SSG Richard K. Roderick (HQ, 2nd BN
and HQ, REGT)
PVT William B. Rodman (HQ, 2nd BN)
SGT William H. P. Roots, Jr. [HQ, REGT (Medical)]
T/4 Harold W. Scully [HQ, REGT (Demolition)]
PVT Gilbert D. Shaw [HQ (LMG Platoon), 2nd BN]
PFC Robert W. Sexton (HQ, 2nd BN)
CPL Merlin J. Shennum (F Co, 2nd BN)
PFC Ira E. Short (SVC)
SGT James H. Shuler (I Co, 3rd BN)
SGT Foster M. Sisk (D Co, 2nd BN)
T/4 Andrew V. Sosnak [3rd BN (Medical); awarded DSC (Normandy) and
2 Purple Hearts (Normandy and Bastogne)]
T/5 Ray E. Taylor, Jr. (D Co, 2nd BN)
T/5 Luther E. Turner [
? Medic ?, H/HQ (Mortar Platoon), 3rd BN and SVC]
1SG Paul S. Vacho (HQ, 2nd BN)
T/4 William L. Van Dahlen (HQ, 2nd BN)
PFC Gilbert Van Every [D Co, 2nd BN; awarded DSC (Bastogne)]
SGT Robert E. Vogel (F Co, 2nd BN)
CPL Dick Warren (HQ, 2nd BN)
CPL Ruel H. Weaver (D Co, 2nd BN)
SGT Robert C. Winn, Jr. (C Co, 1st BN)

Thanks to Deborah Forrester, daughter of Marshall C. Oliver (Medic, B/A Co, 1st BN;
E Co, 2nd BN, 506th PIR, 1942-1945) for sending in the General Orders 104 and to
Christophe (France) for identifying additional names.

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