A Stage Paratrooper Training
Camp Toccoa, GA

photo from Johnsey Cabaniss, II
[son of Claiborne Lee Cabaniss, Sr. (Medic, 506th PIR, 1942-1943)]
Camp Toccoa Obstacle Course
Obstacle Course at Camp Toccoa

photos from LTC Trevor J. Bredenkamp
(A Co, 1st BN, Commander and Unit Historian, ROK, 1998-1999)

Obstacle Course
Currahees had the "roughest obstacle course in the United States Army,"
used for the 13-week, 12 hours per day of "A" Stage Training.

Monkey Bars
Monkey Bars

Rope Climb
Rope Climb

Mock-up Tower
As, part of the "A" Stage paratrooper jump school ground training, the 34-foot
mock up tower
was connected to a steel cable to lower the men to the ground.

photos from the 101st Airborne Division 1957 Yearbook

Straining to get one more pull-up that would put an extra point on the total

Last Lap

Every inch of the last lap of the obstacle course was up hill.

COL Robert Sink [HQ (CO), REGT] can be seen looking at the
pipe ladder in the background. COL Sink was always thinking
up little "improvements" for the course.

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