E Company, 2nd Battalion
Zell Am See, Austria
June, 1945

photo from Paul E. Lamoureux (E Co, 2nd BN, 506th PIR, 1944-1945)
Easy Company, Austria 1945

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names of the Easy Company Currahees who have been identified.
Last official photo of E Co, 2nd BN, 506th PIR; a stamp on the back of the photo reads:
                         KARL BAUER
                         Bei Salzburg
This photo contains both original Currahees from the Camp Toccoa training period and replacement troops assigned to Easy Company throughout the war.

Paul Lamoureux
joined Easy Company as a rifleman in England before D-Day. When Paul jumped into Normandy, he landed in a apple tree on the outskirts of Ste. Mere-Eglise and was separated from E Company for about 36 hours after landing. He was finally able to rejoin the company and fought in Normandy for another 14 days. Paul was called "Frenchy" because he could speak French and was used as an interpreter for LT Richard D. Winters when Easy Company was in France.

The following Easy Company Currahees have been identified in this photo. For a complete list of those who served in E Company, 506th PIR at some time during 1942-1945, check out the web page Easy Company, 506th PIR 1942-1945 .
SGT James H. Alley, Jr.
T/5 Roderick G. Bain
SGT Gordon F. Carson
T/SGT Burton P. Christenson
Robert Cipriano
Roy W. Cobb
James Coombs
Seth O. Crosby
Joseph P. Dominguez
John Lee Eubanks
PFC Carl L. Fenstermaker
LT Jack E. Foley
Bradford C. Freeman
LT Roy P. Gates
Stephen E. Grodzki
PVT Lloyd D. Guy
SGT Earl L. Hale
SGT Herman E. Hanson
Edward J. "Babe" Heffron
Walter L. Hendrix
Harold Wendell Jones, Sr.
Harold H. Lager
Paul E. Lamoureux
T/5 Joseph D. Liebgott
John Lusty
Clarence O. "Clancy" Lyall
T/ SGT Donald G. Malarkey
SGT Robert K. Marsh
Michael V. Massaconi
Edward A. Mauser
Joachim Melo
Norman W. Neitzke
Patrick S. O'Keefe
Marshall Clayton Oliver (Medic)
Cecil M. Pace
PFC Frank J. Perconte
George L. Potter, Jr.
SGT Darrell C. "Shifty" Powers
SSG Robert J. Rader
SGT Denver "Bull" Randleman
CPL Lavon P. Reese
Ralph David Richey, Jr.
Woodrow W. Robbins
SGT Paul C. Rogers
Vincent J. Schwartz
LT Edward D. Shames
SSG John L. Sheehy
PFC John P. Sheeley
Harold H. Simons
Wayne A. "Skinny" Sisk
SGT Robert B. "Burr" Smith
Frank Joseph Soboleski
CPT Ronald C. Speirs
J. B. Stokes
SGT Roderick G. Strohl
1SG Floyd M. Talbert
Ralph J. "Trap" Trapuzzano
T/5 William H. Wagner
David Kenyon Webster
Daniel B. West
James William (Bill) Wheeler
Melvin W. Winn
Dallas Elmore Wright
SSG Richard M. Wright
PFC Robert E. "Popeye" Wynn, Jr.
Henry C. "Hank" Zimmerman
Thanks to Easy Company veterans Don Malarkey, Clancy Lyall, and Hank Zimmerman and other veterans, friends and family members, we have identified more than 60 of these Easy Company Currahees.

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