Regimental HQ, 506th PIR
Camp Toccoa, GA
August-November, 1942

photos from Frank Hamel (REGT HQ, 506th PIR, 1942-1943)
Entrance Sign

Frank Hamel at Camp Toccoa entrance sign.

Frank later lived near Toccoa, GA, where he attended the
Robert F. Sink Memorial Trail Dedication, November 2-4, 2000.

MP Building

Military Police Building at main entrance to Camp Toccoa: To the right is one of the
foundations for one of two WWI Whippet tanks at the main entrance. The tanks had
been put there by the Georgia National Guard (possibly by the 30th Tank Company from
Forsyth, GA, since it was the only National Guard tank company based in Georgia at the
time), but COL Sink had them removed, saying that he was running a paratrooper outfit,
not a tank outfit. Currently, the Airborne Memorial Monument, dedicated in 1990, is
sitting on one of the old tank foundations.

NOTE: according to various tank enthusiasts, these tanks were probably the M1917
Fully Tracked Combat Tractors
(originally known as the Six-Ton Special Tractor
Model 1917, the U.S. version of the Renault FT-17). This vehicle equipped the US
Army from just after WWI until the late 1930s; it was used by MAJ George S. Patton
in Washington, DC against the 1932 Bonus Army.

Regimental Headquarters
September 1942: Frank at 506th PIR Regimental Headquarters

Frank Hamel

There are some people who tell Frank there were never
tents at Camp Toccoa, but he has the photos to prove it!

Tent Area

Tents were used to house the new men who had yet to pass their
physical exam and the unfortunate who had already flunked it.

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