Order of the Day
Fort Benning, GA
December 1942

photos from the Currahee Scrapbook, 506th PIR 20 July 1942 - 4 July 1945
Pinning Wings
After their 5th training jump on December 26, 1942, each 506th PIR
Currahee was pinned with the silver wings of the Parachutist Badge.

Parachutist Certificate
Certificate from Amy Mincey, granddaughter of
Thomas C. Collier (Medical Detachment, 506th PIR, 1942-1945)

In addition, each 506th PIR Currahee later received a Parachutist
Certificate, dated January 3, 1943 and signed by BG G. A. Howell,
US Army Commandant.

Thomas Collier is listed on the roster of the December 12, 1942,
Fort Benning, GA, Parachute School
Parachute Class#49.

COL Sink
COL Robert F. Sink held a regimental parade and then gathered the Currahees
around him. He stood on a platform and read out the Order of the Day. Later,
the men were given printed copies
(see below).

Order of the Day
Order of the Day from Ray Aebischer (F Co, 2nd BN, 506th PIR, 1942-1945)

After reading the Order of the Day, COL Sink released the men to go home
on furloughs, but only after ordering them to STAY OUT OF JAIL!

NOTE: even though the date on this Order of the Day was December 18, 1942,
Stephen Ambrose states in his book, Band of Brothers, that the fifth training jump
took place on December 26, 1942, and that the ceremonies, including COL Sink's
reading of this Order of the Day, were after that final jump.

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