James Leonard Sowell
Easy Company, 2nd Battalion
Europe, 1945

photos from Dani Roland, granddaughter-in-law of
James (Jim) Leonard Sowell (E Co, 2nd BN, 506th PIR, 1944-1945)
Easy Company in Austria

Jim Sowell (R) and other Easy Company members in Austria, summer 1945

Auxerre, France
Jim Sowell in Auxerre, France, Headquarters for the 101st Airborne Division
from August 1945 until deactivation on November 30, 1945. Auxerre was about
15 miles southeast of Joigny, where most of the 506th PIR were quartered in an
old French calvary fort.

Cushman Motor Scooter

Jim Sowell on a Cushman Motor Scooter in front of a French garage. Cushman Scooters and the Cushman Husky engine were used at military facilities during WWII. Then in 1944, Cushman introduced the Military Airborne Model 53, made with a channel iron frame that was designed to be dropped by parachute. The US Government purchased 4,734 of the Model 53 scooters.

The small square sign under the garage window reads ANTAR-L'Huile de France (the oil of France). Antar was a French refinery which produced motoroil for automobiles.

The round HOTCHKISS sign (below the GARAGE sign) refers to the Hotchkiss Company, a mechanical engineering company which was set up in 1867 by a US citizen who had moved to France. For over 80 years, the Hotchkiss Company manufactured items for the French Government, ranging from automatic machine guns, light weight military vehicles, and tanks.

Arc de Triomphe

Photo of the Arc de Triomphe taken by Jim Sowell on his way into Paris

Lady Friends

Jim Sowell and lady friends

Football Game
From the SPORTS FOOTBALL section, October 2, 1945 issue of the Screaming Eagle
newsmagazine, "As the SCREAMING EAGLE went to press, the 506th Prcht. Inf. looked
like the team to beat for the Division championship. The 506th had rolled over the 502nd by
a 13-0 count."

Bomb Damage

Bombed-out buildings and railroad cars, location unknown

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