Headquarters Company, 3rd BN
Fort Bragg, NC
Summer, 1943

photo and names from Robert R. Webb, Jr. [son of the late Robert R. Webb, Sr.
(SSG, HQ, 3rd BN, 506th PIR, 1942-1945 and author of Freedom Found
HQ, 3rd BN, Summer 1943
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Kneeling (L-R): Archie Tingle; Ben Hiner; Scott or Smith (jeep driver); CPL James W. Bradley (Mortars; POW); CPL John L. Montgomery (Mortars; POW); CPL Charles J. "Chick" Stewart (Mortars).
Front Row (L-R): T/5 Jack W. Harrison (POW; KIA Normandy); CPL John F. Allison (Mortars); Stewart Benson; SGT Thayer U. Carlton (KIA D-Day); SGT William Pauli (POW); SGT Robert R. Webb; 1SG Edward D. Shames (Battlefield Commission; transferred to E Company); SGT Paul L. Simrell (KIA Normandy); 1SG James P. Shirley (LMG; KIA D-Day); 2LT Peter Madden (Mortars); 1LT James D. Holstun (KIA D-Day); LTC Robert Lee Wolverton (3rd BN CO; KIA D-Day); MAJ Carl A. Buechner (transferred to REGT HQ); CPT John McKnight (transferred to I Company; POW); 1LT Robert C. Machen, Sr. (LMG; KIA D-Day); 2LT Glenn Barr; John Anthony Taormina; SSG Roy E. Burger (Mortars; Battlefield Commission; transferred to HQ, 2nd BN); SGT Gilbert Morton (Mortars); SGT Thomas A. Simms (LMG; Battlefield Commission; transferred to A Company); Ed Sokolosky; SGT Robert H. Martin; CPL Joseph B. Hunter (Mortars); PFC Dean E. Winner (LMG; KIA Normandy).
2nd Row (L-R): Marshall Clark (Mortars); unknown; PVT Walter W. Ross (Mortars); Elwood Kendall; PVT Robert Stevens (Mortars); PFC George M. Rosie (Mortars; POW); _____ Cowherd (LMG); George Dwyer (LMG); Fayez Handy (LMG); Al Fabec (LMG); Martin W. Clark (LMG); Thomas Bucher (LMG); CPL Ray Calandrella (POW); Earl Ash; Donald W. Embody; PFC Earl F. McGrath (LMG; KIA Normandy); SGT Charles L. Easter (LMG; KIA Holland); CPL Clarence J. Kelly (LMG; died while POW, Normandy); PVT Dennis E. "Arky" Lunsford (Mortars); PVT William H. Adams (Mortars); PFC Ivan J. Glancy (Mortars); PVT Edward M. Renock (Mortars); PVT Ernest B. Raxter (Mortars); PFC Del T. Ripple Jr. (Mortars); PVT Steve Radovich (LMG; KIA D-Day).
3rd Row (L-R): PVT James E. Smith (Mortars); PVT A. P. Rasmussen (Mortars); unknown; PFC John R. Stegmeier (Mortars); PFC Al W. Towne (Mortars); Leroy Vickers; Joe Zeoli (company cook); unknown; Nickolas P. Snyder, Jr. (?); unknown; Wilhelm; unknown; Hank Yanuzzi; unknown; CPL Hubert Reasor (Mortars; transferred to G Company; KIA Belgium); Henry R. Ritter (Medic); PVT Francis Ronzani (Mortars; KIA D-Day); PVT Winford Hopper (Mortars); PVT Leo D. Krebs (Mortars; POW); PFC Emanuel Scherer (Mortars);; Anthony Roman; unknown; Thomas Brennan; Dean Baxter.
4th Row (L-R): SGT Leo L. Embree (mess; transferred to REGT HQ); SGT Danny J. Hayes (Mortars); PFC John C. "Buddy" Facer (Mortars); Lyle W. Rowcliff (Mortars); PVT Joseph Scurlock (Mortars); PVT Charles H. Lee (Mortars; ? transferred to REGT HQ; KIA D-Day); PFC Paul Cathcart (Mortars); PVT Luther E. Turner (Mortars); unknown; Richard Stockhouse (LMG); unknown; unknown; John S. Mihalko (LMG); Darvin Lee (LMG); Bob Rommel (LMG); PVT Philip D. Germer (LMG; KIA D-Day); Dewey Rex (LMG); Neil Lewis (LMG); Charles Cartwright (LMG); PVT Robert A. Boehm (LMG; KIA D-Day); PFC John Pinchot (LMG; KIA D-Day); Audrey Lewallen (Lewellyn) (LMG); Floyd H. Wierback (LMG).
Top Row (L-R): John E. Robbins (LMG); SGT Garland W. Collier (LMG; KIA Holland); CPL Ralph D. Fischer (LMG; KIA Normandy); CPL Andrew T. Bryan, Jr. (LMG; KIA Holland); John S. Hermansky (LMG); Eugene Darby (LMG); Donald Gallagher (LMG); Joseph Mielcarek (LMG); PVT William J. Purcell (KIA Belgium); Joseph F. Gorenc (POW); Donald Clifton Ross (POW); unknown; Rielly; Ralph Bloomer; unknown; unknown; unknown; PVT John A. Rinehart (KIA D-Day); Joseph _____; PVT Grover C. Loika (KIA D-Day); Ken Beard; William H. Lindsay; Hugh Francis Redmond; Harry P. Howard.
Not Pictured: PVT Soini A. Hall (KIA D-Day); CPL Jewell Beck (Mortars); Nathan M. Bullock (LMG); Paul H. Veilleavos; Elmar R. Goff (LMG).

Contact Robert R. Webb, Jr. if you can identify any of the unknown Currahee paratroopers in this photo.

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