George Company, 3rd BN
Fort Bragg, NC
Summer, 1943

photo and names from Timothy Moore
[grandson of PFC John B. Myers (G Co, 3rd BN, 506th PIR, 1942-1944)]
G Co, 3rd BN, Summer 1943
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Front Row (L-R): Zolman S. Rosenfield; Albert P. Robinson; 1LT Linton A. Barling (KIA Holland); Joseph B. Doughty (became G Company CO after Van Antwerp was KIA); LT James Geary Morton (became CO of HQ, 3rd BN); CPT Harold E. Van Antwerp (G Company CO; KIA D-Day); Company Mascot SGT Extra**; LT William Derwood Cann, Jr. (Platoon Leader; became G Company CO after Doughty); 1LT Turner M. Chambliss, Jr. (2nd Platoon Leader; KIA D-Day); 2LT F. D. O'Brien; 1SG Woodrow H. Smith (POW Normandy); William M. Grantonic; and PVT Vernon H. Mull (KIA Normandy).
2nd Row (L-R): T/4 Harold L. Brucker (KIA Holland); Victor H. Szidon; Warren A. Greenman; George A. Fernholz; Garland L. Stafford; Robert L. Parks; Malcolm D. Reece; Lee Towery; Cecil G. King; John A. Westeris; PFC Alexander Rapino (KIA Holland); Isaac F. Brownlow; Albert G. St. Jean; Warren H. Anderson; Marion L. Broussard; SSG James W. West (KIA Belgium); Sandore Plett; Frank H. Viramontes; PFC Victor S. Villalobos (KIA Germany); Clair L. Mathiason; John F. Makson; T/4 Joseph E. Smith (KIA Holland); Lawrence R. Kepler; SGT Andrew J. Hobbs (KIA Bastogne); and James E. Montgomery.
3rd Row (L-R): PFC Milton G. Anthony (KIA D-Day); SGT Homer C. Sarver (KIA England); CPL Anthony S. Defatta (KIA Normandy); Porfirio E. Sandoval; PFC Joe E. Mann (transferred to H Co, 3-502th PIR; KIA Holland; awarded Congressional Medal of Honor); William J. Schoof; Hampton Schofield; J. J. Miller; PVT James P. Sharp (KIA Normandy); Orlando W. Fazzini; Lester G. McNickle; SGT Dean F. Christensen (KIA Belgium); Roscoe K. Miner; Terry L. Lott; Cecil G. Hutt; Michael C. Nassif, Jr.; Henry C. Spruill; John H. Tipton; Lee Sherrod; Everett J. Smith; Walter D. Cooper; Robert L. Barton; PFC Charles Puzuhanich; George S. Osborne; Robert E. Hoffman; Clarence A. Spiller; Merville L. Grimes; Samuel S. Snobar; A. G. Sommerfield; CPL Donald B. Francis (KIA Normandy); and PVT John P. Androsky (POW; MIA Opheusden).
4th Row (L-R): Edward D. Bixby; Raymond A. Skully; Colford E. Garton, Jr.; Ray C. Voelpel; Henry Schmidt; Alphonse J. Schneider; Clyde M. Carter; Charles R. Skeen; Alfred E. Mann, Jr.; Charles D. Williamson; Floyd E. Gardner; Charles E. Maggio; CPL Donald I. Skoglund (KIA Belgium); Guerdon C. Walthall; James H. "Pee Wee" Martin; Curtis H. Bratwold; James Foster; Oscar I. Saxvik; William Anderson; Norman A. Capels; Alvin R. Lingo; Bob Secor; James W. Hollen; Floyd F. Phillips; Marvin E. Glatz; Roy C. Hidebrand; Richard A. Johnn; PVT Jack Swinney (transferred to E Co; KIA D-Day); PFC Owen D. Magie (KIA Normandy); Raymond M. Smith; Leonard D. Baker; and W. B. Smith
Top Row (L-R): Robert L. Kirkendall; Daniel E. Seasock; William R. Forester; James R. Schleicher; Stanley B. Clever; William T. Smith; Park H. Appler; Eldon R. Gingerich; Flintoff W. Brown; Carl L. Shepherd; CPL ____ Smith; SSG Charles J. "Jiggs" Rogers (KIA Holland); Chester Shaffer; Alfred F. Monfils; Lurie L. Berteau; Edward S. Czerwinski; CPL Harry W. Buxton, Jr. (KIA Holland); John P. Myers; John B. Hildebrant; Harvey H. Jewett; PFC Wilbur D. Croteau (KIA Normandy); George A. Kaser; Edwin O. Evans; James R. Murphy; SGT Carl T. Monson (KIA D-Day); PVT _____ Sardinia; PVT _____ Smith; James A. Bell; T/5 Warren E. Nelson (KIA D-Day); John N. Sigalos; Phillip S. Molloy; and Burton W. Warboy.

**SGT Extra was a stray dog adopted by LT W. Derwood Cann, Jr.; the photo below of Derwood and Extra is from the Currahee Scrapbook, 506th PIR 20 July 1942 - 4 July 1945 on a page of photos taken from the Sunday, November 29, 1942 MAGAZINE Section of The Atlanta Constitution newspaper.

LT Derwood Cann & SGT Extra

According to Derwood, "SGT Extra was known by everyone in G Company and was continually visiting all areas. Everyone would pet and feed him. He would usually return to me during the day, and especially at night. The day we boarded the train for Camp Shanks to go overseas, EXTRA was nowhere to be found -- he was A.W.O.L."

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