LTC Lloyd E. Patch
HQ, 1st BN (CO)
HQ, 3rd BN (CO)

photo from Robert R. Webb, Jr. [son of the late Robert R. Webb, Sr.
(SSG, HQ, 3rd BN, 506th PIR, 1942-1945 and author of Freedom Found
LTC Lloyd E. Patch

Written on back of photo: "Col. Patch took over the Bn. after Col. Horton was killed in Holland. Calmest man in action I have ever seen. A good 'Joe'. Went home on points"

The actions of CPT Lloyd E. Patch (HQ, 1st BN, 506th PIR) on D-Day are described in the official document, Regimental Unit Study Number 3: 506 Parachute Infantry Regiment In Normandy Drop, including his taking over 1st Battalion, 506th PIR command after the wounding of MAJ Franklin E. Foster, who had taken over 1st BN command after the 1st BN CO, LTC William L. Turner (DSC) was killed.

LTC Patch was given command of the 3rd Battalion, 506th PIR for Bastogne and Germany, taking over from CPT Robert F. Harwick, who took over 3rd BN command in Holland after MAJ Oliver M. Horton was killed.

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