Award of Purple Heart
Headquarters Medical Detachment
20 May 1945

The original orders contained the Army Serial Number for everyone on the list; however, these numbers have been removed to protect the privacy of those listed.

OLC = Oak Leaf Cluster, indicating that the award had been given multiple times

T/4 Andrew V. Sosnak had previously been awarded the Distinguished Service Cross for his actions as a Medic in the invasion of Normandy.

Award of Purple Heart, 20 May 1945

The following medics from this list have been identified as having also served in the following companies:
A Co, 1st BN: David R. Clark and Derek J. Saint
A Co, 1st BN; SV Co, REGT HQ:
Norman L. Sandefur
E Co, 2nd BN: John R. Korb
and Eugene G. Roe
F Co, 2nd BN; HQ, 2nd BN: William M. Baird
HQ, 3rd BN: Merle B. Lauer
and Henry R. Ritter

Thanks to Deborah Forrester, daughter of Marshall C. Oliver (Medic, B/A Co, 1st BN; E Co, 2nd BN, 506th PIR, 1942-1945)
for sending in the Award of Purple Heart.

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