Bastogne Pathfinders Bronze Star Award Ceremony
Berchtesgaden, Germany
May 1945

photo from LTC Trevor J. Bredenkamp
(A Co, 1st BN, Commander and Unit Historian, ROK, 1998-1999)

Pathfinder Bronze Star Ceremony

According to Jack Agnew [HQ, REGT (Demolition, "Filthy 13", Normandy; and Pathfinder,
Resupply of Bastogne)],
this is a photo of the ceremony where those who participated in
the Pathfinder Mission to resupply the Battle of the Bulge/Bastogne were awarded the
Bronze Star Medal.

The Pathfinder Mission consisted of two C-47s, each carrying 10 Pathfinders.
All 20 of the Pathfinders who jumped into Bastogne were from the 506th PIR.

1LT Shrable Dean Williams, HQ, REGT
SGT James E. "Jake" McNiece, HQ, REGT
SGT John Roseman, A Co, 1st BN
SGT Cleo Mertz, C Co, 1st BN
SGT Leroy E. Schelenburger, B Co, 1st BN
CPL John W. Dewey, HQ, REGT
T/5 George H. Blain, HQ, 1st BN
PFC John J. "Jack" Agnew, HQ, REGT
PFC George H. Slater, B Co, 1st BN
PVT William E. "Bill" Coad, HQ, REGT

1LT Gordon O. Rothwell
, HQ, 3rd BN
CPL Richard M. "Red" Wright, E Co, 2nd BN
CPL Lavon P. Reese, E Co, 2nd BN
PFC Carl L. Fenstermaker, E Co, 2nd BN
PVT Lachlan Macpherson "Mac" Tillman, D Co, 2nd BN
PVT Charles H. Partlow, D Co, 2nd BN
PFC Martin Majewski, HQ, REGT
PFC Mathon M. Ferster, HQ, 1st BN
PVT Floyd Thomas, A Co, 1st BN
PVT Irvin L. "Irv" Shumaker, H Co, 3rd BN

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