Personal Scrapbook of
PVT Svend P. Christensen
HQ, 1st BN, 506th PIR, 1942-1945

When her family moved into a house in Ventura, CA, in the early 70's, Sheryl Landers found a
73-page personal scrapbook of PVT Svend P. Christensen (HQ, 1st BN, 506th PIR, 1942-1945)
on a shelf in her bedroom closet. The scrapbook contained pictures, newspaper clippings, stamps,
and foreign money. Items were missing from some of the pages.

Sheryl was very young at the time, and her parents tried to unsuccessfully track down the
owner of the scapbook. Eventually they gave the book to Sheryl. She kept it all these years
in a zip lock bag, occasionally taking it out to show others or take to school. In 1997, she
tried unsuccessfully to find Svend P. Christensen. She wrote to every Svend Christensen
the VFW gave her an address for, receiving 3 responses back, but none was the owner.

Thanks to Sheryl for scanning in the pages of the scrapbook and sending them on a CD to the
506th Association.

Page 1

First page of the scrapbook

Page 7

Some pages have missing photos, leaving only the captions.

Carl - Boston, Mass.
Tony - St. Louis, Mo.
Buck - Jackson, Michigan (Arland Merle "Buck" Holdridge)
Brinkley - Gibson, La. (Richard Lamar Brinkley)
Me - Askov, Minn. (Svend P. Christensen)

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