C Company, 1st BN, 506th PIR
Zell Am See and Bruck
Austria - 1945

photos from Charles T. Craton, Jr. (C Co, 1st BN; H Co, 3rd BN, 506th PIR, Jan 45-Nov 45)
Jump into Zeller Lake

The 506th celebration of July 4, 1945 was scheduled to be held on July 5th. However, it
rained on the 5th, so the celebration was held on July 6th and called "Sink on the Sixth!".

As part of the celebration, a 10-man stick from Regimental Headquarters jumped
from 1,000 feet into the lake at Zell Am See:

1LT Edward M. Haley (stick leader)
2LT Leo Monahan
LT Edgar O. MacMahan
LT John Stegeman
SGT James E. "Jake" McNiece
SGT Harold Anderson
CPL John W. Dewey
CPL Leonard R. Cardwell
CPL Stacy Kingsley
PVT Edward J. Borey

Zeller Lake

Zeller Lake at Zell Am See

506th PIR Command Post

In May 1945, the 506th established its Command Post in Zell Am
See, Austria, where it remained until the end of July 1945.

You are now entering
the city of
Home of the
506 Parachute Inf. Fallschirmjager

The Fallschirmjager text on the sign is the German word for "paratroopers."
NOTE that the WWII Currahee Shield is reversed on this sign.
The actual WWII Currahee Shield design is at the top of this web page.

Zell Am See and unknown

(L): July 1945 at Zell Am See; (R): unknown

Hoover and Swimming Pool

(L): Richard C. "Dick" Hoover (C Co, 1st BN) at Bruck, July 8, 1945
(R): Swimming pool at Bruck

Beginning in May, 1945, troops of the 506th occupied Fegelein's Fischhorn Castle
at Bruck, Austria. The castle was adjacent to a German SS Horse Farm.

Hintz and Hoover
(L): Theodore C. "Ted" Hintz (C Co, 1st BN)
Richard C. "Dick" Hoover (C Co, 1st BN) in a German uniform

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