HQ, 1st BN, 506th PIR
Berchtesgaden, Germany
May 1945

from the scrapbook of PVT Svend P. Christensen
(HQ, 1st BN, 506th PIR, 1942-1945)
Hitler's Home


Captions for two of the missing scrapbook photos read
HITLERS HOME TODAY - sort of messed up
HITLERS HOME BERCHTESGADEN - nothing but a pile of ashes

NOTE: Hitler's home at Berchtesgaden was Der Berghof. The Eagle's Nest was Hitler's
retreat built on the top of Kehlstein Mountain, overlooking the Berchtesgaden area. To
deter tourists, the Bavarian government blew up the ruins of Der Berghof on April 30,
1952, the seventh anniversary of Hitler's death.

SS Guard Barracks

SS Guard Barracks at Berchtesgaden

One of the conditions for the return of the Obersalzberg to German control in 1952 was
the destruction of the remaining ruins in the Berchtesgaden area, so what remained of
Der Berghof, the SS guard barracks complex, and various other buildings was blown
up and bulldozed away.

Svend and Buck

Buck and I at Berchtesgaden

Arland Merle "Buck" Holdridge and Svend P. Christensen





German Airplane Factory

Unidentified German Airplane Factory

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