World War II
1st Battalion, 506th PIR
HQ, A, B, and C Companies
(Able, Baker, and Charlie Companies; Red Battalion)


Austria 1945

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Marshall C. Oliver, Medic, 506th PIR  B Co, Camp Toccoa, 1942  HQ (81mm Mortar Platoon), 1943  Troop Inspection, Berks, England, March 23, 1944  Pathfinders, Normandy and Holland, 1944  LTC William Leroy Turner, KIA 6/7/44  HQ (81mm Mortar Platoon), Sept 1944  HQ, Eindhoven, Sept 1944  Eindhoven, September 18-20, 1944  Eindhoven, September 1944  LTC Lloyd E. Patch, 1st BN CO  Parachute Infantry Training, Fort Benning, 1944  HQ, Paris, Dec 1944  PFC Robert E. Morneweck, A Co, 1st BN  HQ, Berchtesgaden, May 1945  Pathfinders Bronze Star Ceremony, Berchtesgaden, May 1945  LT Tony Diffenbaugh, A Co, 1st BN, 1945  Germany and Austria, 1945  HQ, Lend, Austria, May 1945  C Co,  Austria, Summer 1945  A Company, Austria, 1945   Zell Am See & Bruck, 1945   HQ, 1945   HQ, Summer 1945, page 1   HQ, Summer 1945, page 2   HQ, Summer 1945, page 3   A Company, Joigny, 1945

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