Plane 43-15213, Stick 64
D Company, 2nd Battalion, 506th PIR
June 6, 1944

Pfc. Schoenfeldt, L.F.
2nd Lt. Kelly, J.W.
Pfc. Norvell, R.A.
Pfc. Taylor, R.E.
Pfc. Payne, W.B.
Pvt. Mitchell, E.J.
Pvt. Marten, E.G.
Pfc. Moellenkamp, R.D.
Pfc. Cook, F.F. Jr.
Pfc. Cox, R.L.
Pvt. Feldman, N.R.
Pvt. Raygood, W.L.
Pvt. Mancuso, J.A.
Cpl. Smith, C.C.
Pfc. Guckenberger, G.
Pvt. Olsen, R.J.
Pvt. Lefebvre, H.A.
T/5 King, D.T.

Thanks to Gerald "Bud "Berry (91st Squadron, 439th Troop Carrier Group),
co-pilot of Stick 64 on the Normandy paradrop mission, for sending in this list.

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