Items from the Crash Site of Plane #66
Easy Company, 2nd Battalion
Crash date: D-Day, June 6, 1944
Excavation date: 1991

photos from Guy LEPRETRE, Belgian office of the Forced Landing Association

Items from Crash Site
These are some of the items found in 1991 in the 80-cm (32-inch)
high pile of ashes
on the hedgerow at the D-Day crash site of
Plane #66, which was carrying 17 E Company, 2nd BN, 506th
PIR Currahees
. The dog tags belonged to T/5 Jerry A. Wentzel
and PFC Thomas W. Warren.



Meehan Ring

Meehan Initials

(L to R):

  • Ring with basic parachute wings on top; the ring face is encircled with stars
    and a single letter E; the band contains an eagle on each side.
  • Watch with the hands stopped at 1:12.
  • Ring probably belonging to LT Thomas Meehan, III because
  • it has the letters TM scratched inside the band

Air Crew Wings

Infantry Crossed Rifles

Parachute Wings

U.S. Army Air Corps
air crew wings

U.S. Army infantry officer
crossed rifles

U.S. Army paratrooper
basic parachute wings

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