Herbert Suerth Returns to Bastogne
June 9-10, 2001

photos from Guy LEPRETRE, Belgium Office of the Forced Landing Association
Bastogne City Hall Ceremony

Wearing his yellow jacket from the HBO "Band of Brothers" World Premiere
events in France, Herbert Suerth (E Co, 2nd BN, 506th PIR), his wife, her daughter,
son-in-law, and grandchildren visited Bastogne, Belgium, June 9-10, 2001. At a
Bastogne City Hall reception, the Deputy Mayor of Bastogne thanked Herbert
for his participation in the Battle of the Bulge in 1944.

Peace Wood Kiosk

Kiosk at the Peace Wood near Bizory, Belgium

Peace Wood Kiosk Text

Kiosk text: the Peace Wood is made up of trees dedicated to each
WWIIveteran who comes back to visit the Bastogne area.

Peace Wood Tree Dedication

Guy Lepretre and Herbert Suerth at the tree dedicated to Herbert in the Peace Wood

Suerth Commemorative Plaque

Commemorative plaque presented to Herbert Suerth by Guy Lepretre.
This plaque was mounted at the bottom of the tree dedicated to Herbert.

Herbert Suerth's Foxhole
Herbert had previously visited this site in 1979, and once again (accompanied by Bernard
of Bastogne), was able to locate the site of the 12-inch deep foxhole where he
spent several hard days during the Battle of the Bulge, December 1944.

Racogne Monument

Herbert and his family visited the monument at Racogne dedicated to the
American Indians who fought in Belgium during WWII. The text of the
monument is in French and English and reads as follows:


Bastogne Historical Center
The Bastogne Historical Center, considered the most important of all the Battle
of the Bulge museums, is located 2km outside of Bastogne's city center, on
Mardasson Hill, next to the Mardasson Monument (see next photo).

Mardasson Memorial
The Mardasson Memorial is Belgium's monument to the American Army.
In the shape of a star, the crown of the monument is engraved with the names
of the 48 United States of America during WWII.

Guy LEPRETRE welcomes the chance to show the battlefield to
any veteran who will be visiting Bastogne. Guy can be contacted by
eMail at guy.lepretre@swing.be or by letter at the following address:
Route de Bizory
B - 6600 Bastogne (Mageret)

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