HBO Band of Brothers
E Company, 2nd Battalion
DVD/VHS Release
Fort Hood, TX - November 5, 2002

photos from Sergio Troiani (McKinney, TX Fire Fighter)
Cudlitz, Livingston, Stokes, & Malarkey
(L-R): HBO Band of Brothers mini-series cast members Michael Cudlitz (who played
SGT Denver "Bull" Randleman)
and Ron Livingston (who played CPT Lewis Nixon) and Easy
Company, 506th PIR veterans J. B. Stokes
and Don Malarkey were guests for the
official release of the Band of Brothers VHS and DVD boxed sets for sale in the PX at
Fort Hood, TX.

Signing Posters
(L-R): Cudlitz, Livingston, Stokes, and Malarkey sign Band of Brothers posters
for active-duty soldiers. This event was open only to military ID holders.

Signing Boxed Sets
(L-R): E Company veterans Don Malarkey and J. B. Stokes autograph Band of Brothers VHS and
DVD boxed sets. The 21st Cavalry Brigade (Air Combat) hosted a dinner after the autograph sessions.

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