E Company, 2nd BN, 506th PIR Monument
Bizory-Foy Road, Belgium

photos from Jean Zufferli (Belgium)
December 16, 2007: the memorial is located on the Bizory-Foy Road, close to
the old Bastogne-Gouvy Railroad. In the background are the Bois Jacques,
well-known from the HBO Band of Brothers mini-series.

The monument was dedicated on June 10, 2005

Monument Dedication

Monument Dedication

Several Easy Company veterans attended the ceremony.

Taylor, McClung, and Powers
Amos Taylor, Earl McClung, and Darrell Powers

Perconte and Tipper
Frank Perconte and Edward Tipper

James Madio
James Madio portrayed Frank Perconte in the HBO
Band of Brothers mini-series. James joined Frank on
the 2005 European Reunion Tour.

Don Malarkey
Donald and Irene Malarkey

Bill Maynard
William Maynard

Roy Gates

Roy Gates

Norm Neitzke
Norman and Lucille Neitzke

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