C and D Stage Paratrooper Training
Fort Benning, GA
December 1942

All 3 battalions of the 506th PIR were quartered, in raised huts, in the "Frying Pan area" of Fort Benning, about a quarter mile from Lawson Field, where they took C and D Stage Paratrooper Training, consisting of 250 foot parachute tower jumps, packing parachutes, landing skills, and finally, 5 parachute jumps from an airplane in flight.

photos from Jason Shaw, grandson of
CPL Gilbert D. Shaw [HQ (LMG Platoon), 2nd BN, 506th PIR, 1942-1945]
Undocumented Photo

Undocumented photo, probably taken in the Airborne Sector of the
Alabama area (with its unpaved roads) at Fort Benning, GA.

Are these soldiers from the 506th PIR in a "chow line" for the Mess Hall?
Or in a "pay call" line, possibly prior to furlough after Jump School?

C Stage Ripcord Training
C-Stage Ripcord Training from the 250-foot tower

Jump Training
Jump Training

Jump Training
Jump Training

Gilbert D. Shaw

Gilbert D. Shaw on furlough in Indianapolis

After their fifth training jump at Fort Benning, each 506th PIR Currahee was
pinned with the Parachutist Badge. Then, after reading the Order of the Day,
506th PIR Commander COL Robert F. Sink released the men to go home
on furloughs, but only after ordering them to STAY OUT OF JAIL!

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