HQ, 2nd Battalion
Light Machine Gun Platoon
Berchtesgaden, Germany - May 1945

photos from Jason Shaw, grandson of
CPL Gilbert D. Shaw [HQ (LMG Platoon), 2nd BN, 506th PIR, 1942-1945]

Near Berchtesgaden

Near Berchtesgaden

Tony, Clark & Shaw

Left photo: Tony unknown ; Right Photo (L-R): SGT William Clark and PVT Gilbert D. Shaw

Daniel West

(Sitting Center): Daniel B. West (E Co, 2nd BN) with
unidentified 2nd BN Currahees in Berchtesgaden

Gilbert Shaw near Berchtesgaden

PVT Gilbert D. Shaw near Berchtesgaden; see photo
below for a view of the Alps from this mountainside.

View from Berchtesgaden
View of the Alps from Berchtesgaden

Lachute, Morganti & Divelbiss
Sitting (L-R): unknown; unknown; Joseph Lachute; Arzie L. Cristy;
William H. Morganti. Standing: Melvin L. Divelbiss

M1919A4 Light Machine Gun

Photo, probably taken from a balcony, of an unknown HQ, 2nd BN soldier
with an air-cooled Browning M1919A4 Light Machine Gun.

The M1919A4 was modified from the earlier water-cooled M1917 heavy
machine gun. Although the M1919A4 had a slower rate of fire and was less
accurate than the M1917 models, the significantly lower weight made it an
ideal crew-served infantry weapon. The fully-automatic M1919A4 was
normally employed by infantry companies, and was mounted on the M2 tripod.

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